Making Cookies

I have a favorite recipe for Chocolate chip cookies thanks to Deals to Meals that I love to make. The only thing not great about these cookies is that I always eat way too many and the mess created afterwords. I am really messy in the kitchen to say the least.

Shriek wanted to make the cookies and asked if she could do it by herself. I said sure, minus the oven part of course and I sat across that bar and talked her through it.

She was doing great. She cracked the eggs like a pro and measured the sugar like no body’s business her confidence was shining through and she really loved trying something new. I was not worried about the mess because I am messy anyways, at least I was not worried until it came to the flour.

She was using a tiny measuring cup and a huge bag of flour. The anxiety starting creeping up on me. I began trying to control the speed of the flour coming out of the bag with my mind. Before I knew it I was barking out directions while trying to be as calm as possible. The flour was spilling all over and there was no avoiding a huge white smokey powdery mess.

I realized the more I was trying to control how she was doing it the more sad she was becoming and the more flour was spilling out because I was making her nervous.

I really hate that I get this way sometimes and tried to quit being so uptight about it. She did a great job with the cookies. I ended up only helping a little bit.

I need to learn to hold back as a mom and just breath. My kid’s will learn a lot more if I do this. By the way the cookies were delish. Here’s some photographic proof.

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  • whatever DeeDee Wants May 31, 2011, 7:48 AM

    I remember when I was little and learned to bake by myself. I loved it!
    Brody is constantly trying to help me cook now he loves it even at 2 and 1/2 years old.

  • Camille May 31, 2011, 9:47 AM

    Your daughter will always remember that moment when she first baked cookies by herself! It takes a strong mama to stand by and watch (especially since it would just be easier to do it yourself!) :)

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