What I Wish I Would Have Known

This mom gig is not the easiest thing. I cannot even believe I have been doing it for nine years. That is a long time. Just writing that makes me feel old, and their not even in Junior high yet! I will age triple when that happens. I am sure of it.

I remember when we brought Shriek home from the hospital. I was terrified. She was tiny and I was sure everything would go wrong. I swear her bum was the littlest thing in the world (I am sure she will love reading that later). I wanted to be very independent and remember doing a lot on my own and not having a lot of people help me. Sure things were a lot more quiet and less crazy with just one baby but I wish I would have had more people help me out that first little while, like with baby sitting and helping with chores and so on. I remember worrying so much about every little thing. There would have been a lot fewer tears for sure. (My husband would have appreciated that.)

Now I am super happy that I let people help me, as in a built in team. My two oldest daughters help me a ton with Squeak. It has been amazing. Shout, my 7 year old is a pro. She picks Squeak up whenever she needs a cuddle and she loves to feed her sister. They all do. They sit around the highchair and we all take turns with spoonfuls of baby food.  I know I would have been too paranoid or embarressed to let people help me as much with my first. Sometimes it is easier to do it myself, But I know it is better to share this amazing time with others. It also keeps me sane. 


What I had to realize is that the people in your life find joy from helping. I love seeing the looks on my kids face when they have rocked their sister to sleep or when they have made her laugh. I also love seeing the grandma’s enjoy watching my babies with open arms. It’s magical to say the least. 

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As an experienced and savvy mom, I’ve learned to juggle multiple things at once, and do it well!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Comforts For Baby. The opinions and text are all mine.

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