To the Almost Big Sister

In these last few weeks before my newest Screamette is born I have learned a lot about my other girls. Particularly Squeal. Her little 3 yr old self has been so fun to watch as she gets really excited to be a big sister. Every day my ginormous belly is greeted with kisses and a short to the point You need to come out of mommy’s belly conversation. She gets this whole pregnancy business a lot more than I thought she would.

She has been coming with me to some of my midwife appointments. If she is good I let her choose a treat at the pharmacy. She chooses blue gummy sharks without fail every time. We then go to the most amazing cafe and bakery nearby  after every appt to get me a treat. I have really loved this time with just her. After my appt last week I thought it would be fun to order lunch at the Cafe instead of just getting something to go. She was so excited to sit inside and have a lunch date. I got an amazing turkey sandwich and she chose a cherry turnover. We started asking each other questions. Like whats your favorite candy, Whats your favorite movie…ect. When it was her turn to ask me a questions she said,

“Mom whats your favorite Boobs?”

I could not stop laughing as she waited for my answer. She then said “Those Boobs?” as she was pointing to my chest. ”

“Sure” I said still laughing. “I guess these ones are fine, They will do.”

I seriously get a kick out of that girl and can’t wait to see her interact with her new baby sister. I am sure they will be the best of friends and  talk about everything together. They probably at some point will also talk about boobs. I am sure of it.


*Here is a picture Squeal took of me today. Pretty good for a three year old huh? I had fun editing it using Picmonkey


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  • Jessica May 17, 2012, 9:26 PM

    Ive got baby fever like a mothuh, but that is one freakin adorable baby belly. Im sure your SO excited to hold your newest Screamette. Praying for a quick and safe delivery for you!

  • Rachel @ Busy Mommy Media May 18, 2012, 10:48 AM

    You are too cute. My kids have just decided that pregnancy takes too long. I agree.

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