The Birth Story

So with Sqeak now being about 6 weeks old I thought I would finally share her birth story. So here it goes.

 The day before memorial day we were at my parents  for dinner. I was exhausted as always and so ready to be done with having a tiny human in my belly. We were getting ready to leave when I started to feel different. My stomach was doing something it hadn’t done before. This continued the whole night. Part of me was excited. I was pretty sure what this was turning into. So was Brandon. When I got up in the morning at about 6:00 I definitely  knew something was up.  The surges were coming closer and closer. This was it. The moment I had prepared for.  We were supposed to be meeting Brandon’s parents for breakfast for Memorial day. Instead we just dropped off the kids with them at the restaurant and headed in.

I started to get into my relaxing mode. I did my relaxation techniques and chatted with brandon between surges.  I knew my midwife would not be delivering our baby she was out of town. I now have a perfect record of never having my actual health care provider delivering any of my 4 babies!

When we arrived I was about a 6 and with everything else looking ready to go. Brandon was awesome and got everything set up, The birthing ball, nice music, my cute polkadot hospital gown. This was really happening. My surges were a little sporadic but strong. Baths, pacing, and my birthing ball were my best friends. I could tell my nurse took issue with natural childbirth which was frustrating so we just tried to ignore her and get in the zone.

The Midwife helped with every aspect and rarely left my room.  She was amazing I loved her and was so glad I had her to help me. after about 4 hours I had the midwife check me I was still about the same My baby had also not moved down at all. I was still in a good place, relaxed and able to handle everything The hypnobirthing I had been practicing was paying off. We decided to have my water broken to get everything moving, we were wondering why this baby was being a little stubborn.

The surges become stronger. I had been doing this for about 6 hours and was getting tired and losing a little steam. After 8 hours my midwife was really wondering what was up with this munchkin. She  realized the baby was posterior, this is why nothing was happening! My baby was sunny side up with no intentions of coming out. Again the surges intensified. I was grasping at straws and really struggling to relax my body and to  get under the surges and take control. When they went to monitor the baby for the required time I was shocked when they had to put the monitor high up on my belly. This baby had not dropped at all. I knew then what was right for me to do.

I looked at Brandon and said I knew that I wanted the epidural. I was super confidant which I never am. I always have a hard time making decisions, this one was as clear as day for me. We told our midwife and she went to get the anesthesiologist he came and was very efficient and quick I was so thankful. I really knew it was time for this little baby to come out and knew this would help me immensely, it did. After the epidural was in She twisted into the correct position immediately and pretty much came right out.  She had the umbilical cord twisted around her neck and ankle. I was so glad she had arrived. She had so much hair! They immediately let me put her on my chest,  It was such a relief to finally have her here! She was calm and sweet and perfect.

While I know everything did not happen exactly according to my epidural free birth plan. I really felt like everything worked out to bring my little one here and am so glad to experience it the way I did. I am loving this newborn stage so much and could not be any happier than I am!


*photo by Michele Reyes Photography

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  • ashlee July 9, 2012, 11:35 AM

    The perfect birth is one that ends with a healthy baby! Way to go!! Having delivered a posterior baby myself (and two breech) I know what it does to your body, glad you were ar peace with your decision and excited to meet her this week! She has about 5 time the hair Baby Boy has already!

  • Jessica July 9, 2012, 9:32 PM

    I delivered my youngest sunny side up, and without drugs–not by choice. So happy for you and your family! I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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