Squeak is 6 Months Old

I cannot believe it has been 6 months since I had Squeak. Get ready for a super cliche statement but it has really felt like she has been here with us forever. I can’t think of anything that brings more happiness to a home then a baby. We have all enjoyed her so very much and we can’t help but smile at her cute face even when we are in super bad moods. She is pretty much our anti anger machine. My favorite thing to do is when the girls are crying or  angry about something I hold up Squeak close to them as  she grins her goofy grin at them and my girls automatically start laughing through their tears. It’s pretty hilarious and works every time.

Squeak is now rolling like a champ and sitting in her bumbo while I balance it on a high shelf. Just kidding of course about that last part. She has just started the phase that I like to call “Be totally happy and content until I can’t see mom any more, then cry my eyes out” I admit it is not the catchiest of titles.  My daughters are all pretty good with her except for the fact the Squeal loves to wake her up at any given moment. Shout has been so sweet with her. She always knows just when to pick her up when she is fussy and always helps out. Which has been amazing this past few days as I have had Strep Throat and have been about as productive as someone washing their car during a rainstorm.

We are all so happy Squeak is in our family! Life is insanely nuts around here but we would not have it any other way.

Here is a collage of a few of the many pictures Squeal takes of Squeak daily with my iPhone. Gotta love my permanent pile of laundry in the background I am just going to call it my living room decor from now on.




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