Pregnancy Pick me ups

The blah’s have gotten to me the last little while and I have decided I need a few pick me ups to get me through this winter and my pregnancy. I am not a girly girl at all and do not have a lot of jewelry, hair care products, or shoes but when I am in a rut. Here are a few of the things that get me through.

*buying new makeup: I cannot remember the last time I bought makeup. I usually only wear it when I go out or to church and when I do buy it it lasts me for forever. I have been out for a long time so i just ordered me a new starter pack of mineral make-up I love the mineral powder kind. I got it in the mail yesterday and was so excited! (it does not take much to make me excited these days)

*A Haircut: This is another thing I do not do often. My hair is long and I just don’t justify a haircut enough. I love to go to a nice salon (not too nice, one thats in about the $40 dollar range for a cut and style) It makes me feel pampered. I usually treat myself to about one hair care product and I LOVE having my hair washed. I need to do this soon.

*Buy myself a splurge maternity item: this is something I don’t have yet but am wanting. I really would like a cute maternity Hospital gown for the delivery. preferably polkadots. Some that I have seen on Etsy are adorable! They are ones I would wear around the house after the baby is born as well. I hope to buy one of these soon. Here is an example of one I am drooling over. Her Etsy page is Doodlebugz by Marilyn.

*last but not least, good chocolate! I can’t tell you how happy a nice box of yummy chocolates to savor at the end of the day makes me. I always say I am only going to eat one a day. That never happens but they still brighten my mood tremendously.

What are things that make you feel better when you have a case of the Blah’s?

*also none of this is sponsored content. just things I like.

and also also one of my Bloggy friends Karina over at Karina’s challenge asked me some questions for her Get Inspired Project over at her space, you can see that here.

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  • Nancy @ A Rural Journal February 25, 2012, 2:50 PM

    Hmmm, what do I do to chase away the blahs?

    Taking time to read a good book is one way. Maybe picking up a small bouquet of flowers while I’m in town. That always cheers me up. :)

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