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With September being baby safety month Owlet has asked me to write a post as part of a baby safety blog hop that will be helpful to parents on keeping there babies safe. All opinions are my own.

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Even though it has been a few years since I have had a brand spankin new baby in the house I still remember how anxiety ridden those first moments can be when you feeling very ill prepared. When you you just wish you could bring one of those amazing nurses home from the hospital to stay with you always and forever.


My oldest daughter was five weeks premature and so tiny. I even made my husband change her first diaper because I was so terrified. I had changed many diapers before, he had changed none! I remember being so afraid on that ride home from the hospital, even though we only lived two minutes away. Everything was scary, how was I going to do this? How would I know if something was wrong?   Here are some tips I have learned throughout the years to keep you and your baby safe and sane.

*Have a good support group. There is nothing worse than being super nervous about your new baby and having no one to talk to. Google does not always do the trick and is not the best idea! I remember my pediatrician telling me to please contact them with worries even if others think you don’t need to. He told me that if it is going to help you feel better, it is better to talk to a pediatrician about it then sit and stew about it. We do have those mother instincts so checking in on things is good, and if nothing is wrong it is good to know that so you can move on. Always be sure to contact your pediatrician immediately if your newborn has a fever.

*Be confident on things you feel strongly about. There are things that can harm little ones and there is nothing wrong with telling visitors the rules you have around your baby, Such as washing hands before holding new baby, Staying away if you are sick, Having little ones not hold your baby. Making sure caregivers of your baby have had certain immunizations. Also when you are out and about not letting strangers hold or touch your newborn is totally ok, even if it offends them. Your baby your rules.

*Get help when needed. Wether you need to have someone help with house work or meals or even just someone to sit with the baby while you take a break or if you are feeling extra emotional. Your physical and emotional needs are just as important as the babies and taking care of yourself is super important for you and your babies health and safety. Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider about your emotional well being and if you are not feeling like yourself.

*Know your resources: There are so many good resources online that help new mom’s. Here you can find ways to find a nearby lactation specialist and hotlines for what questions about what medications you can take while nursing Use them when needed. A calm mom is a happy mom.

While all of this new baby stuff may seem overwhelming, you will get through it and that little munchkin you are doing all of this for happens to be adorable and lets face it, pretty worth it.

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This is a Sponsored post through Owlet. All opinions are my own.

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