We are all familiar with the milestones our babies do, rolling over, crawling, walking. We wildly anticipate them for our first child waiting with baited breath at the first sign of a crawl, phone in hand to document. By the second and third we are so distracted by the craziness of it all that the younger ones could be talking in paragraphs by the time we finally realize it.

What about the not so fun milestones? The first time they decide to use whats in their diaper as finger paints. the first self inflicted haircut.

I have four daughters and who knows how I have gotten so lucky but some of these things had not happened at my house…. until now. My youngest has proven she wants to change our good streak we had going.  She is a spitfire, the type of child that can get head to toe filthy after giving her one M&M

While playing on the trampoline with her sisters a few weeks ago (something I should have been paying more attention too) She broke her leg. I have never experienced a broken leg before. It was so sad! At the moment she is sporting a bright pink cast that covers her entire right leg. This girl is such a trooper. she has not let it get in her way and hobbles around like a champ. I think part of her enjoys the attention this brings her. The adorable smile she flashes at people who enquire what happened is quite charming. She even let her dad adorn her cast with a cute picture that was oh so fitting. She gets the cast off in a little over a week thank goodness. Until then I have learned how to somewhat keep it dry during baths, and not to care when I see her drawing on it with anything she gets her hands on, including Oreos.

Sometimes I think I have this parenting thing down. Been there done that. but no, not so true at the moment and something tells me that is not going to change any time soon.



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