I am an Intermountain Mom

With this being my 4th baby you would think I have this mom thing down right? That could not be farther than the truth. I often feel like Squeak is my first child and am always second guessing myself and wondering what to do. I know the lack of sleep does not help at all either.

When I had squeak 2 months ago I was glad I delivered at a hospital that had such a caring staff to help me. Right after I delivered my baby I was feeling great. I was not even laying in my bed. I wanted to be out and about. I even decided I was going to go to walk to the nursery and bathe my baby for the first time. I seriously thought I was capable of anything at the moment. I bathed her and had my husband take pictures. I was in heaven. It was such a special moment. I had never done that with my other girls and I loved giving her the first bath. After her bath was over I remember handing her to the nurse for a second when something stopped me in my tracks. I began to bleed a lot. It was very scary and worried me immediately. The sweet nurses grabbed me a wheelchair and immediately had me sit down and helped me relax and rest. I had obviously been over doing it. They continued to monitor me and encourage me to take it easy. They were so sincere and sweet my entire stay. I was totally fine and started doing better as soon as I stopped trying to conquer the world and decided to just rest while I take care of my new little one.. I had just had a baby after all!

That experience  made me realize that the help of others is really what we need at crazy times in our life. I recently learned about a great resource that Intermountain Healthcare has set up for  Moms when we have questions about our kids. They do this through an incredible Facebook page with a lot of great features and giveaways. My favorite feature is that they have an experienced nurse available to answer any question you may have.   I was able to meet Nurse Dani, a mother and labor and delivery nurse who answers the questions you can ask either through Facebook in a status update or through video’s. She was very sweet and truly cares about the people she gives advice too. I can’t even count the amount of questions that have came to my mind in the time I have had my kids. So nice to know there is a place we can get some answers.

The question response video’s are searchable in a database that is easily available on the Facebook page. many questions are answered by OBGYN’s as well. As I was browsing through the questions I could not believe how many of them were ones I had been having too. Here is a breastfeeding question I seriously have been wondering about lately. Squeak is doing this exact same thing sometimes when she nurses. It was so nice that I could immediately watch a video and listen to Nurse Dani give a  professional and caring response.

I am so excited to be an Intermountain mom I really believe in having great resources avaliable during all the craziness that occurs while being a mom.  As part of this campaign I will be sharing  great information with you over the next few months about what Intermountain Healthcare is doing for Moms and the community. I also have personal experience with Intermountain Healthcare as Shout and Squeak were both born at one of their hospitals.

Check out the Intermountain Moms Facebook page here to learn more and to be able to benefit from everything offered on their page.


*This is a sponsored post through Intermountain Healthcare  all opinions  are completely my own.

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