Why a PJ Day Was Perfectly Acceptable.

My daughters do not always get along. I know this is normal, I really do, but the part of me that longed for a sister growing up wants it to be all love and laughter all the time. I want to hear giggles and turn around to see them all doing each others hair or laughing about some silly inside joke. It is not this way. They scream and fight and tattle as much as they breathe. It is always someone’s else fault and a roll of the eyes can be enough to send someone into nonstop tears. It is as exhausting as it sounds and then some.

That is why Saturday was so rare.  As I looked out the back window I saw it. All four of my daughter were playing a game on the trampoline. All of their stuffed animals were in piles. I saw play money being exchanged for different stuffed animals and although I could not hear the words they were saying they just looked so content. They were all in pajamas which even though it was getting closer to the afternoon I dared not utter a word. They were laughing and getting a long! I did not want to break the spell. I did not even care about the mess of the stuffed animals that I knew would end up in my living room.

I was speechless as I stared out the window and smiled at the sisterhood they shared. I did not know how long it was going to last. I was definitely not going to be the one to end it. I kept checking on them to make sure I was not being delusional.

Like all good things it did end eventually. This moment made me hopeful of this happening more often and made me realize that they do get a long more than I give them credit for. It is just that the negative things stick out in my mind more than the positive things.

These girls of mine are tough, but if they have more moments like the one they had on the trampoline that day than I can get through it after all.


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  • Jo Zumbrunnen November 3, 2014, 4:57 PM

    Chalk one up for the girls. Glad they had such a nice PJ day..

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