What I learned from my old CD Collection

Cd_changer_internal_cartridge (1)I ran across some of my old CD’s recently and oh the nostalgia! first of all they made me feel really old I mean CD’s are pretty much a thing of the past, right? Second, they made me realized how much certain CD’s were the back ground for different parts of my life.

The Cranberries = Jr. High.

You  know the one with the couch on the it?  Oh how I wanted to fit in!!!!  Those times were painful, the angst I felt, and all of the baggy clothes that filled my closet because I hated the changes I saw in the mirror. Oh my goodness it all comes back to me!  I can still hear my self belting out the words to Zombie thinking I was so rebellious, I was not by the way, like at all.  You guys go comfort a 12-14 yr old that time in your life is brutal!

Musicals = High School

Les Mis, Rent, I was never more carefree then when I was  singing show tunes with all of my drama geek friends. Free from a few of the insecurities that haunted me during jr high. I had found my tribe, they rocked, and we did not care how nerdy we were!

Dido = Young Adulthood  

I can not listen to this artist without thinking about when my husband and I were dating. I am immediately taken back to all of the fun we had and how special that time was. “Thank You” is our official song.  We were cheesy and corny and it was awesome.


Now excuse me while I go clean my house with the help of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack that I also owned a cassette of back in the day.  Because no one puts dirt and grime in a corner!!! 

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