The Upside to Being an Introvert


My Mom recently gifted us a pass to a community pool nearby. To say it is saving my summer is the understatement of the year. Summer and I aren’t exactly on the best terms. The bickering and “I am bored’s” coming from my kids make me feel like the Fable of the lobster in the cold pot of water that does not realize how much trouble he is in until it is too late. The water slowly getting too hot, eventually cooking him before he can realize it.

The pool is an outlet, a place I can take my girls where they are unequivocally happy. Their cheerfulness is contagious and sitting in the hot sun seeing their joy has done me a lot of good.

As I look around at all the moms saving there sanity like me applying sunscreen frequently to dimpled cheeks and sun kissed shoulders, I see friendships. Moms talking to one another non stop.

I have to admit a little pang of loneliness hits me wishing I had someone to talk to. That is where my introverted personality comes in. Of course I have people to talk to! After one short intro I am sure I could be friends with many of the Moms at the pool They all seem very nice and would be super polite. My nerves stop me in my tracks while I think about the awkwardness that always comes shortly after I open my mouth. My mind races. “Was I too forward?” “Oh I  should not have just said that.” “Do they really even want me to join in the conversation?”

Instead I have let my introverted ways leave me sitting by my kids. Them as my only company. That it when it has actually been a huge plus to be socially awkward. I have instead spent almost every minute at the pool playing with my kids. Imagine that! We make up synchronized swimming routines to “Shake it Off.” I throw sinkable rings to my cuties at their delight with no iphone in sight. Complete hands on ness which I admit is not always a part of my routine, My girls are taking notice. I see it in their eyes when my answer is a big fat yes to them wanting to show me a trick just one more time.

The thickly chlorinated community pool is doing my kids and I good this summer and I would not have it any other way.

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