The Ultimate Prank.

Right before school started my family and I went on a much needed vacation. We caravanned up to San diego with my parents, my two brothers, and their families. If you know anything about my Mom you would know she is a creative, fun, queen of cutesyness, yes thats a real thing. She loves to plan things for her twelve grand kids. My Dad refers to her as the cruise director and that is the truth.  She wanted us all to wear matching shirts to the baseball game we had planned one night. Not everyone was thrilled. Twenty people wearing the exact same shirt for one evening was not everyone’s dream come true.

While shopping one day for ideas for the shirts my Mom and I came up with a doozy of a prank, you know those moments where your laughing so hard you are crying and using everyone of your stomach muscles. That was us in the middle of the store. Our idea was for her and I to match every day of our trip. Just to be a little tongue and cheek for the people not thrilled with the matching agenda we were pushing for the baseball game. The store we were at gave us oodles of  choices and I swear it took us an hour to narrow is down to eight shirts. These were really inexpensive shirts as well. I was not about to sell the farm just to be amusing.

We did not think anyone would find this silliness of ours as funny as we did nor did we think anyone would think we did it on accident. Boy were we wrong.

We chose the the craziest t-shirt to start with. They were baby blue with a giant photo of Mahammed Ali. This shirt gave us the most giggles because I mean, we are not into boxing or anything. It is the opposite of any shirt we would ever get. When we arrived at the meeting place to start driving to San Diego everyone was convinced this was a total accident, not planned whatsoever. I was not prepared to lie up a storm so I definitely did not fib as well as my mom who convincingly acted shocked as she saw my Mahammad Ali staring back at her baby blue Mahammed Ali tee.

The next day it was our Army shirts. again pandamonium with everyones reaction “oh my goodness, again??” “thats so crazy, what a coincidence!” My brothers wife who saw me for a second before we all started driving more even had me text her a picture of my shirt and then had my mom do the same to prove we had matched once again. We still had most everyone believing us. It was hysterical!

A few people were starting to doubt us, so for the next day we decided to mix things up a bit. My Mom had two other duplicates of a shirt we had bought to give my two sister inlaw’s so that the next day four of us would be all matchy match. This was genius because nobody believed that my mom and I had done it again on purpose, but they did believe that my sister in laws were by accident! We got everybody so good! We continued to match the entire trip  while the grandkids were still thinking how crazy of a coincidence it was that my Mom and I matched every day.

Matchy matchy prank

This prank was a hoot. My families reactions were priceless. I love that I can do such goofy things with my Mom, and I know this will be a forever memory we will have and a pretty tough prank to beat.

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  • Leisha September 11, 2014, 10:23 AM

    This is so great! I bet their reactions were so funny. What a good time.

  • Jo Zumbrunnen September 12, 2014, 1:18 PM

    C is for clever , cute, creative and of course Carly..loved your recap of the shirt a day vacation. It really was silly but fun…

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