Say Hello to Your Friends

Netflix has opened a whole slew of options for my girls to lazily watch explore. It never ceases to amaze me what they find. The other day I heard a familiar song playing from the TV downstairs and when I went down to check on what they were watching, a trip down memory lane followed, It was The Babysitters Club! Pretty much my favorite book series, and TV show when I was younger, even if it is embarrassing to admit. I laughed at what it seems like now. My girls were mesmerized by the frizzy hair and oh so superb acting. While watching it with them one phrase came into my mind “I feel old!” I am in my mid thirties and have always felt young until the last few years. I think the amount of energy my four daughters have is aging me much more quickly then the number of years since my birth implies.

It is crazy to look back on something you enjoyed when you were younger and everything is different, even if leg warmers have made a comeback.

That night my oldest went to sleep with her hair in a braid. when she woke up she brushed the heck out of her long brown hair and hollered at me to come see. “Look Mom, I look just like the girls on that show!”

Me and my daughter

Although she did look like one of the girls in the Babysitters club, she looked even more like me! It was as if I was staring into a mirror. A mirror that showed myself 25 years previously. It was pretty trippy in a sentimental kind of way of course.  People always have told me that my oldest and I look a lot a like but wow, did it ring more true with her hair done the same way I did mine way back in the day.

Things will change drastically for her from now until she is an adult just like they did with my childhood. Who knows, maybe she will be laughing about how uncomfortably tight skinny jeans were with her kids. 



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  • Jo Zumbrunnen September 19, 2014, 9:57 AM

    You both ate adorable ..
    Wow if you feel old.. I must be

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