Que Sera Sera Whatever Will Be Will Be



You will never believe the song I have stuck in my head right now, repeating itself over and over. No, it is not something I heard on the TV, or the radio. It is the demo song on my daughters keyboard in her room. Lately we have been playing all of the demo songs and dancing around to the different tempo’s of the multiple songs, One song makes us feel like we are at the queens palace doing curtsies and pointing our toes. The other ones are various styles that we all dance differently to. I love to make up words to these songs and serenade my daughters when I suddenly notice that they barely blink. it does not phase them anymore, my daily silliness must be getting old.


They never question my odd behavior as we approach a gutter and I shout 1, 2, 3!

Just so we can all jump over it at the same time. They don’t even stop me when I sing at the grocery store to an oldies song while we shop for food. I asked my oldest today if I embarrass her. She said no. I then asked her if I danced around while I sang and shopped. She did say that would totally embarrass her so at least I know when to draw the line, right?


I have pondered this thought before many times, but I can’t help but wonder when these things will bother them. I know the time will come when I ask everyone to show me there most weirdest bazaar facial expression and they won’t want to comply when normally they think really hard about how they will contort there face to make us all laugh hysterically  But when will this be? How much time do I have to be silly. Or should I always be silly and just ignore the groans and moans and whines that are bound to come when I decide to do something beyond the norm.


I think I have known the answer all along. I have to be myself to be the parent I want to be. We all know our children will all have some type of issues from how everyone has decided to parent. We are not perfect and we are all just doing this Mom and Dad thing how we think is best. There are times we completely lose are cool. Times when we know we should have acted any other way than they way we did to a particular situation. I think we all have to be ourselves because you never know, the times we are silly  might be they type of memories our children hold on to when they are not focusing on the times we probably did not do our best.


No two parents can ever parent the same way. I remember singing with my mom. We loved to sing together. Old Doris Day songs were our favorite. We would memorize them and sing at the top of our lungs and then try to harmonize when neither of us knew how. We would laugh so hard that tears would streak down our faces. My Mom used to sing the song  “Que Sara Sera” to me everyday. I seriously thought she wrote it just for me until I one time saw it sung during a movie.



I remember getting a little older and sometimes feeling embarrassed when she would break into a song or dance. I never said anything but would try to focus on something else hoping she would end soon.  I also remember that this phase did not last long and now I  love to sing with her. I am so glad she did not stop being who she was just because for a few years of my awkward adolescence it bothered me.


Life is boring without songs and laughter. Being silly is what can get us through the tough times when their does not seem to be a lot of hope which is getting to be more frequent every day. This is what I want to teach my daughters. So if it takes a few more times of singing Groovy Kind of Love while I pick my produce, so be it.



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  • Jewels April 18, 2013, 5:16 PM

    I have asked my teens if I embarrass them and they’ve always said no. I think being silly on a continuous basis makes it sort of normal. Good normal. Seriously, their friends will probably think you’re ‘so cool’ because you’re so much fun.

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