Or other wise titled “With me as your Mom Nothing will ever be Perfect!”



I am the opposite of being a perfectionist. what would that be called? I can think of many words but I am not in the mood to insult myself  so lets just move on. It’s always been ok with me when some things don’t turn out just right. It probably has to do with me being impatient. I find my lack of perfectionism just fine most of the time. Of course I do.

I never thought I could possible give birth to a perfectionist but I have. My four year old is the epitome of a perfectionist and has been since she was tiny. It is giving me a run for my money! In the cutest way possible of course.

Lately it is about her hair.

“I would like a ponytail side Mom, and it has to be perfect” She says in the cutest voice ever. I try my hardest to channel my inner deb from Napoleon Dynamite to give her the most perfect side ponytail ever but alas it always falls short.

Certain socks have to be worn with certain shoes, and certain outfits have to be worn to certain days preschool that is just how it goes.

When I help her make her bed it leaves me completely breathless! If  one wrinkle is in her sheets she melts faster than a popsicle in july. Screaming that it is less than perfect.

I think I am being punished for my “it’s good enough” Mantra I have had all of my life.

I think the best lesson I can give her is being imperfect. she will see that not everything works out just right and that is okay. There is beauty and reality in imperfection. I know she will learn this for sure especially with me as her mother, Although she might not always have on the perfect outfit or the perfect hair do think the love I can show her can be pretty close to perfect.

That will have to be enough for now.





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  • Jo Zumbrunnen October 14, 2013, 8:58 PM

    What can I say..except that perfection is truly over rated
    Sami will give both of us a run for our money…

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