Mini Mom Makeover

mini mom makeover

No this is not suddenly a fashion blog at all. I think I am the last person on earth qualified to strictly talk about fashion. This is about something I did for myself that was long over due that seriously helped boost my spirits.

My husband had to work all day last Saturday. He rarely does so it was not too bad, although I was finding this particular Saturday exhausting. My daughters just didn’t scream and whine enough throughout the day,  SAID NO MOM EVER! I swear every thing sets my girls off some days. When one starts screaming they all have to join in. I have this bad habit of sometimes just isolating myself  by running in my room. It feels like I am in full survivor mode.

I was thrilled when my husband walked in the door. So were the girls but then some other drama got in the way and the wailing began again. I looked at my husband and said in a giving up tone but not seriously, “I am going to leave.” he kindly replied. “You totally can, Why don’t you?” so I did.

As I fled the scene I quickly decided the mall was the perfect last minute retreat. I had wanted to get my hair cut into a more stylish hairstyle for awhile.  Even though it was kind of late in the day I was going to first try the salon on the outside of the mall to see if anyone could cut my hair last minute. They could! This hairstylist I had never met was able to cut my hair and style it. I was so excited.

She was awesome! The haircut even included a  scalp massage and a hot towel treatment on my face. This was royal treatment and so not something I am used too at all! I had her cut quite a bit of length off off my hair. I had gotten sick of just having long, limp hair. She gave me layers and cute side bangs I felt like a new person!

Since I was at the Mall I could not let my last minute retreat go without a little shopping. I love trying on clothes when my kids are not with me. It is heaven! I found a few shirts on clearance that went really well with my new cut. I was only gone for about a total of three hours but I really felt refreshed! I felt ready to return home, put on my mom hat again  and put my kiddos to bed. I have also discovered with having all girls that they love to comment on hair and fashion. When I got int the door they freaked out and went on and on about how cute I looked. They also all had to all touch my soft freshly styled hair. It was odd and hilarious.

mini mom makeover 2

I so recommend having a last minute Mom break sometime! These kind of things do not need to be planned super ahead and written in the calendar to enjoy. I am rarely alone so just having me as company was also beneficial. I am so going to do this again even if next time it only includes a quick grocery store trip to buy me enormous amounts of chocolate to calm my nerves.

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  • mikaela January 29, 2014, 10:42 AM

    Moms need TLC too! Love the post especially the last pic haha

  • Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama January 29, 2014, 12:37 PM

    Moms definitely deserve a break!! LOVE the new hair!!

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