I Remember When



I remember when I was first dating my husband. Life was dream like. Every day figuring out a way to spend time with this new person in your life that suddenly meant everything. Inside jokes, walks that last for hours where you talk about everything under then sun and beyond. To have someone to listen to anything you wanted to say. All those conversations shaping your future as you decide that is the person who it will all begin with.

Fourteen years later I still have that someone, and four other someones who I live around, with, and for. I would do anything for these five people and I have, things I never would have imagined, such as playing the lovely smell test game of “Is it poop or is it chocolate” like I had to just yesterday (Luckily it was chocolate this time)

Loving others with a fiercness that can survive anything is a good way to live. It gets pretty messy and crazy and sad and everything, that is what is supposed to happen. Still dream like, Just a different dream.


****So yes it has been a million blog years since I have written. Decided to change that today! I am joining in on this Memoir writing group challenge to jumpstart me into writing again. The 1st day of school was a great day to start!

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  • Jo Zumbrunne August 17, 2016, 10:02 PM

    Perfect subject matter..funny who could imagine when they are young and in love you could write about poop and chocolate in the same sentence..?

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