Bunnies Make Great Pets

Bunnies make great pets

It was a Sunday morning. My husband and I were still in bed being lazy when my oldest daughter came to talk to us, ipad in hand. She had a plan. Equipped with a presentation including facts and pictures. She began to tell us why she wanted a bunny. Two male bunnies to be specific.

Her delivery was professional as she proceeded to tell us everything we needed to know about bunnies and how she would make it all happen.  I sat and watched her in awe. She was doing an awesome job. I stared at her dimples while she talked about how responsible she would be and how she would take care of everything. I could not help but picture her the day she was born, Five weeks premature with a high pitched cry that was bigger than she was.

She concluded by saying that she is responsible and gets good grades she watches her sisters with ease and that she could totally handle it

She rocked the presentation and was so mature. I felt like giving my husband and I a pat on the back, we are obviously better parents than I thought we were. There was problem though, all the awe for her in the whole world could not over power the elephant, or I should say giant bunny in the room.

I despise the idea of having bunnies in our home. whether I am right or wrong I kind of put them in the whole hamster, guinea pig, rat category. Having an animal in a cage in our house all the time seems gross. I picture me being the only one to end up cleaning it out, losing it in our house and everything else associated with these kind of pets.

I decided to be honest with her and she shocked me even more. she responded by saying, okay Mom, but I think it will happen some day. Her smile not at all ruined by me dashing her bunny dreams.

Her mature attitude has been refreshing, even days after the bunny meeting. She has been casually mentioning  to me more positive things about bunnies. Things like the fact that they do not throw up or stink.

We may not be getting a bunny any time soon but she sure does have me thinking about getting a pet. A kitten would be so great for all of us. I had the best cat in the whole world growing up a female cat named Spike ( my brothers named her). I would love for my girls to experience that. A cat would be simple and I think a great addition to our family.

My Husband does not share my affection for cats and does not want one at all.

Now if I could just get my daughter to help me make one of those power point presentations I think we would be set.


*picture above is direct slides from the bunny presentation, I sure do love that clever girl of mine.

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  • Jo Zumbrunnen December 12, 2014, 8:12 AM

    Love that girl… Her presentation rocked..

  • Deborah from Mommy Crusader March 26, 2015, 4:41 PM

    What a persuasive presentation! Good job to her. Pets are amazing additions to families — that’s for sure! :)

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