A Missed Opportunity

There is something that never falters when your a Mom. Something that is always wanted and not always reciprocated. I am talking about your attention. My days are filled with “Mommy I need you” and, “Mommy watch this!” I have got to be honest and say that the last phrase puts my nerves on end. How many times can I watch the same thing? It is never just one time either! I have seen the trick fifty million times. I get so on edge that sometimes I can hardly stand it.

My oldest learned the dreaded cup song awhile back. You know the one. You sing a song about whiskey while doing a cool rhythm thing with a cup. Her Younger sister got into it recently and was determined to master the technique. She made me watch her do that  cup song a billion times a day! I really tried to be patient but patience has never been my strong point. Lets just say this was not my favorite pastime

While eating Sunday dinner over at my Mom’s house my daughter brought a cup to where we all were sitting down visiting after dinner and she preceded to sing about when she is gone while tapping that cup. “Here we go again” I thought. There is no where to run from this blasted cup song!

While trying to talk to my mom and sister in law over the  beats of the cup my older brother quietly got up grabbed his own cup and sat down across from my daughter and preceded to let her teach him exactly how to hit and move the cup. He picked it up fast and before we knew my 8 yr old daughter and her uncle were singing “When I am Gone” with there whole hearts as good, if not better than the original artist herself. I found out later that my husband had also taken the time to learn the cup song from her while I was gone (Pun Intended)

After all this time why had I not done this? Why did it take my brother five seconds to get the amazing idea of letting her teach him her craft? I should have done this exact thing ages ago. I felt a little down to say the least. I let the stupidest things keep me from giving more attention to my precious daughters when I am so lucky to be their mom. I keep my stupid phone within arms reach every second of every day for what? To see what moronic meme is going around on Facebook? I could not believe what I had done. I later asked him what made him do it. He simply told me he had wanted too.

I did not want to ruin their moment so I waited until another time when I caught her beating that cup I sat down with my own cup. Her face beamed. She was so happy. Her mom was finally paying attention to her. I learned the famous stylings of my daughters rendition of the cup song. We laughed whenever I messed up and I realized how challenging it was. It never ceases to amaze me how much determination she has to master a skill weather it be a cartwheel or a song.  I learned that I can not sing and hit cups at the same time to say the least.

We had the best time together. A Mom and her daughter genuinely enjoying ourselves. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to.

I was starting to get pretty good to the point where I wanted her to watch me over and over again. It had come full circle. Thats what motherhood is.

a missed opportunity

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  • Jo Zumbrunnen May 6, 2014, 9:02 AM

    Sometimes it take me a few million times to get the message.
    Good thing kids have a repeat button.

  • Brooke May 6, 2014, 9:24 AM

    Yes! :) I have been feeling the same way the last few days especially. I have been trying to get us all moved into the house, and that means LOTS of Daniel Tiger for my little one. She has been super cranky and I finally had the thought last night, “She just wants to know she’s loved.” Today, I have made it a point to sit with her every few minutes and just talk to her. She has been much happier (and a happy little lady = a happy mommy).

  • Michal Sarah May 6, 2014, 10:41 AM

    She is so good at it! Loved this post. I can learn a lot from Shawn’s patience.

  • Laura May 6, 2014, 11:31 AM

    I have had many moments like this one in my time as a mommy. It is a hard thing to have patience for the kid-isms when you arent feeling up to it! Way to channel your inner child and get down on your daughters level to have such fun! Good job mommy!


  • Alexis @ We Like to Learn as We Go May 6, 2014, 3:03 PM

    What a real post. I find that at the end of the day I realize that I don’t spend one on one time with my kids either. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the to dos. And I have 3 kids 3 and under so life is a bit crazy right now, but something I definitely need to work on.

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