When Netflix Makes you Feel Guilty.

I have mentioned many times how much I love Netflix. I think we have had it for at least five years and it has been a match made in TV heaven.

I love it’s cheap price, binge worthy shows, and the look on that annoying cable solicitors face when you say with a smirk that all you need is Netflix, and he instantly knows he is not going to get you to pay ten times more for unnecessary  channels on your television.

What I have not anticipated though is the guilt I feel when a certain feature interrupts my programming or in this case my kids programming. You see, I am not the only one obsessed with binge watching programs at my house. The other culprit is my three year old. As of now she is completely enthralled with The Magic School Bus, and the outdated 80’s classic Mario Brothers.

I admit I do get a little carried away while she absorbs the quirky Miss Frizzle and her magic school bus of wonders. I just love the freedom that time gives me to do the dishes or lets face it stare at Facebook. When I hear her voice from the other room scream my name I go to see whats wrong and see this on the screen.


“Yes I am here”, I want to scream!! “I know I should be teaching her the ABC’s, Making sensory bins, or helping her memorize the Capitols to all fifty states but you are just too tempting!! I am not a bad mom I promise! You with your constant children programming and your fast 15 second wait while another episode loads are just too wonderful!”

I start naming the things we did recently hoping to wash away the guilt. “Hey Netflix, we did just go to the park and did you notice I read her that Dr Seuss book this morning? I also made her pancakes and watched her do that trick 50 times! Did you see that!?!?”

I of course then realize immediately that Netflix is not judging me, That I am bringing on the guilt myself like always. This is just a feature that Netflix has for one reason or another and I quickly  just press play because, this Mom stuff is crazy hard and  I just need a little bit more of a break!

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I Have Created Monsters

Rice Packs

It is so cold and I am so sick of it. I don’t do well in the cold. I have not always been this way. Maybe it is because I am getting older, who knows.  To combat the cold and to not have our heater running non stop all night I have started this life changing thing. They are rice packs heated up in the microwave! yeah I know that does not sound very innovative but they are amazing. My Mom gifted me my first one and now I think I have at least six. You put them in the microwave for three or four minutes (Don’t heat them too much or they will burn! I have made that mistake more than once) Do not underestimate how magical these are. They can ease any ache, make you sleepy instantly and just make you feel wonderful. My husband jokes that they are my new boyfriends.  We call them beans around my house because the first one I got was filled with beans (This is riveting info right?)

Well my kids started wanting them at bedtime too and now they are hooked and friends, I have created monsters! I am woken up in the middle of the night by my littles to reheat their beans! It is like I have a newborn again or something. The worst part is that I get up and do it! which makes me not bright either but I know how awesome they are so I want them to always have warm ones to cuddle up with. I can blame no one but myself.

I guess this is my new life, standing by the microwave in three minute intervals all night waiting for sacks of rice to heat up. Motherhood is just filled with so many fun surprises. I can’t wait until it is summer!

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My Fail Proof Elf on The Shelf Tip.

Have your oldest child do it.




No really. This is our third year of her taking it over and she is about fifty million times better at it than I ever was. I was never good at it and failed miserably!

My daughter never forgets to move it, and she is so much more creative.  She even wrote her self a schedule before she started. It has seriously been the best. The younger ones love finding it everyday, and I think it has even brought the girls a little closer, meaning they only fight ten times a day instead of twenty. So if you have an older child that knows your the one moving that annoying thing. PASS THE BUCK ELF!!!




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What I learned from my old CD Collection

Cd_changer_internal_cartridge (1)I ran across some of my old CD’s recently and oh the nostalgia! first of all they made me feel really old I mean CD’s are pretty much a thing of the past, right? Second, they made me realized how much certain CD’s were the back ground for different parts of my life.

The Cranberries = Jr. High.

You  know the one with the couch on the it?  Oh how I wanted to fit in!!!!  Those times were painful, the angst I felt, and all of the baggy clothes that filled my closet because I hated the changes I saw in the mirror. Oh my goodness it all comes back to me!  I can still hear my self belting out the words to Zombie thinking I was so rebellious, I was not by the way, like at all.  You guys go comfort a 12-14 yr old that time in your life is brutal!

Musicals = High School

Les Mis, Rent, I was never more carefree then when I was  singing show tunes with all of my drama geek friends. Free from a few of the insecurities that haunted me during jr high. I had found my tribe, they rocked, and we did not care how nerdy we were!

Dido = Young Adulthood  

I can not listen to this artist without thinking about when my husband and I were dating. I am immediately taken back to all of the fun we had and how special that time was. “Thank You” is our official song.  We were cheesy and corny and it was awesome.


Now excuse me while I go clean my house with the help of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack that I also owned a cassette of back in the day.  Because no one puts dirt and grime in a corner!!! 


Standing Still

Standing Still

It does not get easier, you would think it would, or at least it is supposed to the more you do it. I say often to myself when I am tackling something hard with one of my daughters that this is not my first  rodeo but in a way isn’t each rodeo different when you have a different horse? Enough with the rodeo analogy, but I am learning just because I have done something before does not make me an expert.

I just left my youngest crying at her preschool. The same preschool that she has loved for the last two months. Something made her sad last time she was there and she has not gotten over it. The easy thing would be to let her stay at home.  Preschool for me has never been about necessity but more for my child to grow socially and for me to have a small break.

letting her stay home would be giving into her fears. I do not want my little one to be afraid of things that she once loved. It sucks. I would much rather cuddle her for hours and tell her that she never has to do anything hard in her entire life. It’s obvious that that’s not a good idea.

I look at my life though, am I doing enough hard things on a daily basis? I tend to do whats easiest or the least amount of something. So many things need to be done in my house and I find myself putting them off daily. Only doing the smallest amount as possible. Washing the clothes but never putting them away. Never deep cleaning the floor that is just getting grosser by the minute. Letting the dishes pile up so high that it seems too unrealistic to ever have an empty sink again.

I have something I really want to do eating away at me. It is crazy and lofty and oh so appealing. it monopolizes my day dreams and makes me happy to think about, but I am not getting closer to actually doing it because of fear, rejection, laziness, I don’t know. My biggest obstacle is myself. I have always been a huge believer of putting yourself out there. You can not get any opportunities if you do not try. I know that standing still never gets you anywhere. Then what is my problem?

I have the passion and desire. I am lacking the ambition. everything takes work and it just all seems too hard. I think I need to look at what I am trying to teach my children and start acting on that. I should be working on being the type of person I want my kids to be. Much easier said then done, but a lot to think about none the less.


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