On Being A Chocolate Snob.


I find myself in a bit of a conundrum lately. I think I have become somewhat of a food snob, at least when it comes to sweets and baked goods. Not just the regular will do anymore. I blame trendy food trucks and Trader Joe’s, however my love for Trader Joe’s is so great that I could never blame it for anything.

This could be considered a good thing because none of my childrens Halloween candy even appealed to me this year. If it is not %62 cacao then move it along. You think this would cause me to eat less sweets but no. I find myself suspiciously close to the places where I can get the treats that speak to me. My children’s pediatrician is so close to all my favorite bakeries and of course trader Joe’s. The dentist and my midwife are also conveniently placed right next to all of the deliciousness. Instead of running to the nearest 7-11 to indulge my sweet tooth for a buck or two. I find myself on instagram seeing where the gourmet liege waffle food truck is that day. Oh it is near the post office? I think I need to mail a letter.

All of these indulgences are doing terrible things to my waistline and my pocketbook as you can imagine. I even have a chocolate cupboard in my kitchen. Well not a cupboard made out of chocolate although that would be amazing, but a cupboard dedicated to my snobby treats. I do in fact share, but have been known to hoard my dark chocolate cookie butter candy bars every once in awhile.

I have to say the bliss of eating a fancy treat after I have painstakingly put all four kids to bed is pretty much heavenly. Sometimes that is all I am looking forward too when I am having a rough day. I know this should not be a regular occurrence but am struggling with the moderation part. Perhaps when my kids are a little older and not so dramatic I will slow it down a bit.

Who am I kidding? We have not even approached the teenage years yet! Bring on the Gourmet chocolate covered almonds, also I think I am going to need a bigger cupboard.


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My Ode to Zotz


 There was a candy from my childhood, that was amazing and always good.

I remember loving them lots and lots, they had a name, that name was Zotz.

Part hard candy part fizzy yum, If you don’t like them perhaps you are dumb.

While growing up they must have disappeared, I had not eaten one in years.

Recently in the store I saw them there, They looked amazing and I did stare.

I grabbed and bought them in a flash, I should have gotten more to put in my stash.

When I tasted one I remembered again, the fizzy deliciousness I enjoyed back then.

I thought to myself that I should share, with my four daughters that would only be fair.

I was about to hand them to my girls, but they were whining and not obeying the rules.

So I ran and hid to enjoy them in peace.  Knowing the screaming would never cease.

It’s better to eat treats alone, but not when your hiding place is on the bathroom throne.



The Top Ten Ways Having Kids Will Affect (2)

I love a fun night out with friends just as much as the next girl, but discovered  having little ones has changed just about every aspect of having a girls night out. here are the top ten ways going out with friends has changed since having kids.

1. While trying to decide what outfit to wear you look for the outfit with the least amount of spit up stains instead of the cutest option.

2. Your in the car with your friends when you suddenly shout loudly that there is puppy in the car next to you, like some form of turrets. Your kids have programmed you to let them know if you see any four legged creature that may be cute.

3. Your friends start talking about current events and all you can up with is that Daniel tigers mom just had a baby girl.

4. When sitting down for dinner you realize how nice this is and try to remember the last time you went out with friends. It was before your oldest was born, she is now five.

5. You grab your phone to capture a group selfie, when you realize your camera won’t take any more pictures because it is too full of the 500 pictures your toddler took of her feet.

6. After you have been out for a little while you yawn with exhaustion and figure it is time to call it a night. When you look at the clock, it is only 8:30.

7. When your food comes at the restaurant you scarf it down as fast as you can forgetting that your kids are not with you to get restless and scream ten minutes into the meal.

8. You reach in your purse to grab your wallet to pay for dinner and out comes binkies, used tissues, and hair elastics.

9. After the night is over you hug your friends promising you will all get together again very soon thinking to yourself that it will probably be at least another five years.

10. You realize you were going to write ten ways having kids affects will affect your next girls night out, but your so exhausted from being out with your friends late and getting up at the crack of dawn the next morning to fix your kids cereal that you can’t possibly come up with one more.


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Why a PJ Day Was Perfectly Acceptable.

My daughters do not always get along. I know this is normal, I really do, but the part of me that longed for a sister growing up wants it to be all love and laughter all the time. I want to hear giggles and turn around to see them all doing each others hair or laughing about some silly inside joke. It is not this way. They scream and fight and tattle as much as they breathe. It is always someone’s else fault and a roll of the eyes can be enough to send someone into nonstop tears. It is as exhausting as it sounds and then some.

That is why Saturday was so rare.  As I looked out the back window I saw it. All four of my daughter were playing a game on the trampoline. All of their stuffed animals were in piles. I saw play money being exchanged for different stuffed animals and although I could not hear the words they were saying they just looked so content. They were all in pajamas which even though it was getting closer to the afternoon I dared not utter a word. They were laughing and getting a long! I did not want to break the spell. I did not even care about the mess of the stuffed animals that I knew would end up in my living room.

I was speechless as I stared out the window and smiled at the sisterhood they shared. I did not know how long it was going to last. I was definitely not going to be the one to end it. I kept checking on them to make sure I was not being delusional.

Like all good things it did end eventually. This moment made me hopeful of this happening more often and made me realize that they do get a long more than I give them credit for. It is just that the negative things stick out in my mind more than the positive things.

These girls of mine are tough, but if they have more moments like the one they had on the trampoline that day than I can get through it after all.


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So last night was the big night. The one children look forward to with great anticipation. I loved watching my Four daughters get so excited about everything about Halloween.

I have to say my two yr old stole the show. She was Elsa this year along with about a million other little girls. When my kids are two I usually just throw them in a hand me down costume. I let them be what we have stashed in our dress up bin because they are two and does it really matter? Yes, it sure did for my youngest. She has been drinking the Frozen Koolaid lately along with everyone else in the world and she wanted to be Elsa.

I knew when we were at the grocery store and she stood by the automated door and put her hands up summoning her ice powers while the door opened that she needed to be Elsa. When her costume came in the mail and she tried it on she was in heaven. She did not want to take that dress off and I probably should have just let her wear it until Halloween. That is how much she adored it. So after the many little events that she wore the costume to it was time for the real thing. I did her hair in a classic Elsa braid that just came out five minutes later but she looked amazing.

We gave her a candy bag that was as big as her and she was off. Trying to catch up with her older cousins the whole entire night. Her little legs carrying her as fast as she could, not wanting help from anyone. She loved getting the candy at the door and was most happy when she could pick it from the bowl herself and deposit in her ever growing stash.

When she would utter  ”Trick or Treat” and “Thank you” it was about as adorable as you could get. She had a surprise up her sleeve though. You see when she pronounces her S’s they come out like the F sound. So if you gave her a sucker you got the shock of a lifetime probably thinking a sailor outfit would have suited her much better.  I may have had her do this parlor trick a few times to my older brothers just for the laugh of it. Sometimes my humor does emulate that of a twelve yr old boys. We eventually had her call them lollipops instead even though that was not near as much fun.

The night was a success. Everyone ended up with more candy than they probably should ever consume so I will be helping them with that part for sure.

Now we wait another year for the night kids can choose to be anyone they want to and to be able to demand candy just for showing up at someones doorstep. I think it is going to be an extra long year.