Lately I have been seeing these strange kind of creepy very realistic looking cartoons of people floating around the web as we cool people like to call it, and I thought why not make strange and creepy and cartoony versions of my family? So my girls and I spent a huge chunk of time figuring out This app that is called My Idol. It is entirely in Chinese. Not gonna lie I felt pretty accomplished after making these. Here is a post that is helpful in figuring it out.

So here we are in all our Chinese Avatar glory.




My girls loved every second choosing their clothes and hair. I think my husbands looks hot. Wait, can I say that about a cartoon? Anyways you can also make hilarious music video’s of your avatar singing in Chinese. Hooray for the internet making countless ways for us to waste our valuable time.


The Moments We Wait For


This past week was spring break. We decided to make it pretty low key. Well as low key as it can be with four daughters and a crazy puppy in the house.

The one exciting thing we did is venture out to see a movie. We do not do this often, it is a real treat. I even splurged for the new movie theater close to our house with comfy seats, using a few free passes we got for Christmas. The Movie we saw was Cinderella. We chose to see it right after I had rushed home from the grocery store, so the girls were starving. We quickly visited a drive through and decided to save the frosties we got for a yummy illegal movie treat.

We ran into the theater and bought our tickets, happy to see that we had not missed the long awaited Frozen short before the movie.

With the lights down and the movie starting I could not help but look over at my girls and think to myself that these are the moments you think about while snuggling your fresh newborn at the hospital.

You think about all the fun things you are going to take your kids too and all the things you want to teach them.

While there is nothing like that newborn bliss, one can not help but picture future Zoo adventures, Showing your child the ocean for the first time and of course the joy of enjoying a chick flick together.

There are millions of articles about savoring that newborn time and never wishing it away, but the future stuff you get to do with your kids as they grow and learn definitely does not suck.


Our Newest Addition

I was not going to post about this yet, but when I woke up this morning and got on Facebook first thing, which sad to say is my morning ritual. The internet was a buzz proclaiming today as National Puppy day. So the blogger in me had to hurry and write something about our newest addition


Internet, meet Ziggy, our 8 week old Labradoodle

We brought Ziggy home on Friday and life will never be the same. I am typing this at 12:30 in the after noon having just gotten out of my jammies. I put on not so clean clothes, and I did not shower, nor have I done the huge pile of dishes in my sink. But lets face it. That is my regular routine (or lack of one) without the puppy!

We love him. He is sweet and cuddly and adorable! We have now fulfilled the four year old promise we made to the Screamette’s.  I really did not think we were going to get a puppy at this time but then my oldest did this and really convinced me that now was the time for a pet.

Things are actually going pretty good. The lack of sleep is not bothering me too much because the cuteness of this puppy is so extreme that I cannot even handle it.

So bring on the sleepless nights, the whining, and poop messes in the house. The cuddles and puppy kisses! We are smitten!!


The blogger in me also made Ziggy an instagram account, his user name is Ziggididoodle 

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Through my daughters eyes

I was sitting at the dining room table yesterday when my almost 6 yr old started handing me papers from school. As I looked at her worksheets seeing how much she knows and how far she has come in school this year, she handed me a folded paper and said “Mom, this one is for you.” After unfolding it I saw that she had drawn a picture of me.


While we both looked at it for a second she said with a sheepish grin “Sorry I forgot to give you arms”

It does not get any better than that folks!  (Also lets hope that is a bow on my head and not horns!)




Everything Ends in Tears.

everything ends in tearsYou know those quotes and words that everyone comes up with at the beginning of a new year? I know I am a little late to the game, but I have just come up with the perfect theme or slogan that fits our family to a T.

Everything Ends in Tears

What’s that you say? The Theme is supposed to be a peaceful life affirming quote to look too throughout the year for guidance? Well mine is just telling the truth.

With four daughters I have never come up with a more truthful statement then our new theme. The drama and anguish that can explode out of my four adorable girls is pretty epic.

No matter what we are doing,  it always ends in tears. You name it, even if it was Disneyland, lunch with Taylor Swift, Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I guarantee a sob fest about something or other would end up happening. You think this would depress me. It does not. if anything it prepares me for what is to come day in and day out.

Whenever I run into another mother that has all daughters like me, but they are older I always beg her to tell me about how it gets better. Do They ever stop fighting? Do the tears ever stop? I wine. I know all girls are different but the woman usually looks me in the eyes, her expression filled with empathy, then responds with a “yes it does. It gets worse before it gets better, but they are all best friends now.” I maybe then go in for an awkward hug and try not to shed a few tears.

No, It is not always this way but it is enough of the time to justify our theme. Now all I need is a Pillow Cross stitched with our saying for our couch and I will be set!


What is your realistic theme for the year?



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