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I interrupt my regular programming for a really great giveaway. One of the reasons I have not been doing very many giveaways is that lately I have been wanting to focus more on writing, I love telling stories. This giveaway goes right along with that.

Family History

Nothing is better than a good story. Think about your best ones and odds are your family is in it, Or that it should be told often and recorded so future ancestors of yours can learn all about you.  Family stories play an important role in your genealogy.

I have been interested in learning more about how to research my family tree. There just happens to be an amazing conference that is completely devoted to all things family history.

RootsTech is an inspiring family history and technology conference that takes place in Salt Lake City Feb 12th-14th. There really is something for everyone. Here are a few things I am most excited for.

*One of the key note speakers is one of my all time favorites Donny Osmond I would be lying if I said I was not most excited for this! I have loved Donny for a very long time so much so that I have attended concerts and have seen him on Broadway. I even have an autographed picture of him from 15 years ago. (pictured below) you probably can’t read what it says from this picture so I will tell you. It says “to Carly LOVE Donny Osmond.”  I am shocked that I have this still but will preserve it so my future ancestors know my true fandom for Donny. (ok back to topic) Other speakers include Laura Bush, Jenna Hager (Laura Bush’s daughter) and many others.


*There are lots of beginning classes on family history to choose from. From tech savvy ways to do your genealogy to ways to remember your stories and document them. This conference covers everything.

*Fun events are included as well as an expo hall with everything you need to kickstart working on your family tree.

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Want to win a three day getting started pass to rootstech valued at $49? Enter through the form below. Also if you already have a getting started pass you can still enter and if you win be reimbursed. Winner will be e-mailed a certificate with instructions on how to redeem the pass.
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When your favorite TV show’s end.


I am sure many of us are feeling the blues right now because of the fact that one of the greatest television families is saying their goodbye’s! I am talking about the Bravermans and it is going to take me a while to get over it. I don’t get super into a ton of Television shows, but  Parenthood had me from the beginning.

I am really excited to be featured today over at Mamalode where Parenthood enthusiasts are airing there grievances over the sadness of the soon approaching series finale.

Go check it out Here, and bring the tissues. My ode to Parenthood in prose is a real tearjoker tearjerker.


First VS Fourth Child: Haircuts


I recently took my youngest to get her mop of hair trimmed. She will be three at the beginning of the summer and her hair was in quite the state. It had so many different layers of growth, and not the cute kind via Jennifer Aniston in Friends. With having four children lets just say it was a lot different during this haircut then it was during my oldest child’s first haircut. Here are some of the differences

First child: Rush her to the hair cutting place as soon as one hair was out of place. I think she was barely one.

Fourth child: Drag her in the hair cutting place with super wild hair that had been this way for months. She is almost three

First child: Describe the exact amount of hair I want trimmed which was probably a half of an inch while documenting the whole thing on my camera trying to hide the tears of this being a very big mile stone and my child growing too quickly.

Fourth child: Simply tell the hairdresser we want her hair cleaned up. She suggests the length. I keep saying a tiny bit shorter so you can tell it was actually cut making me feel like I got my money worth. Run back to my other kids in the waiting area to make sure they are not being too crazy.

First child: Nod My head enthusiastically  yes when they ask if I want some of the hair to attach to a certificate for a few extra dollars so I can remember this day for forever

Fourth child: Say no in disgust remembering how gross it was when I came across said hair a few days ago while cleaning. No thank you.

First child: when her haircut is done I take a million more pictures and ooh and aww at how grown up she looks.

Fourth child: grab her, pay the hairdresser and hurry out the door before my other three kids get too rowdy.

Hopefully my younger children don’t get too scarred over how much more onto things I was with my first, actually considering how over the top and worried I was all the time the younger ones may be better off.





Am I too old to be a Taylor Swift Groupie?


For Christmas I gifted myself Taylor Swifts latest CD. Yes the actual old school compact disc not just the songs on itunes. I think it is pretty strange that they still sell CD’s at all anymore but that is neither here nor there. This music has been the soundtrack of our house since, which has been pretty awesome (albeit annoying for my husband) even my two year old can be heard yelling  beautifully singing “Shake it off.”

Maybe this is just because I have been overdosing on her music but I really am finding out that I love her!

From her cute hair, to her awesome habit of supporting other  women, to her love of her fans, to her cats!

Lets talk about that cute hair of hers for a minute.  It has been a year since I have gotten my hair cut as shown HERE. What you don’t document your haircuts? Anyways it is time for a change and shoulder length locks with cute side bangs is what I am thinking.

I m also fortunate that my daughters are not yet at the age where me liking the same music as them is mortifying and wrong. But when they do feel that way I’ll probably just shake it off because the haters gonna hate. Right??


Oh and go HERE if you want to make your own Taylor Swiftesque album cover photo. You know you want to!




My Favorite Things About 2014

We had the best New Years Eve. We kept it mellow and stayed home. Three out of the four  Screamettes even made it until midnight. We also of course did our annual tradition of making white trash cake pops. Before anything else though I had the girls write down or draw a picture of their favorite thing about the last year. This really got me thinking about what a really great year it was so I thought hey! I have a blog, why don’t I tell my millions of readers  my Dad what my Favorite things of 2014 were?

So here we go.

* My weekend adventure in Zions National Park with Family Forward was amazing, just the break I needed! My favorite thing I did was ride in a Helicopter, I felt so Jack Bauerish. It was the coolest.


*Seeing my Mom do a reading at Listen To your Mother. LTYM is so close to my heart and being able to see my Mom read a beautiful piece about her mother Like I had done about her the year before was icing on the cake. I was so proud of her.


*Watching not one, but two seasons of Survivor with my girls. We are obsessed and I really enjoy watching it with them and eating the fattening treats that I plan each week as well. I may or may not say no to other things if they are scheduled for the same time. It is just too much fun! So excited for the next season starting in February!


*Seeing Wicked with my husband and two oldest daughters. We tried for five days to get the discount passes. It was such a treat. I am a huge Wicked fan since seeing it on Broadway, and watching my girls experience it was a dream come true! There is nothing like musicals!


*I loved doing the color run with my oldest. She is sure growing up fast and it was a lot of fun to be able to do some thing that with her.

Color Run

*Our San Diego trip! We had not been on a family vacation for a long long time. I loved spending time with my crazy family and the ocean was my favorite part incredible.San Diego

* My 5 yr old Starting Kindergarten. As awful as that may sound it is true that it was a highlight for me. I did not only love it because she is at school during the day, but because it is such a great milestone for her. She is learning so much and can even read already. I am so proud of her and yes the time with just my youngest has been great as well.


There you have it. Now here’s for hoping for a great 2015!