My husband is a junior high teacher. (yes he is a saint, no I don’t know how he does it) When we bought our house three years ago this amazing non profit that helps teachers, fighfighters and paramedics get into homes helped us get our house. They were awesome! After it all happened they asked to come over and interview us and take our picture, maybe for commercial use.

I did not mind at all It was such a neat program that helped us I would do anything for them! I did not think anything else about it and just forgot about it. Awhile later my husband kept telling me about all of his students that kept coming up to him and telling him he was famous because he was on a billboard. We were so confused!

My husband went to investigate one day after school and was surprised to see that in the same neighborhood where the school is that he teaches at was, we were on a billboard (technically a super large sign) in front of another property that this non profit owned.

It is funny how people have noticed it is us and mentions it to us. Every summer we attend a party in the park for the nonprofit and feel a little like celebrity’s when people recognize us. Maybe next year we we will charge for autographs.

I decided to join a memoir writing group where you put a timer on for 8 minutes and write, with a different prompt each time. This is day three.  I am trying to get back in the habit of writing again! 


I Don’t Remember


I don’t remember certain things from my childhood. I am always amazed when people can easily recall every teacher they have ever had and first and last names of all there classmates. That does not seem like the norm but maybe it is. Life seems to go by so fast and the details seem so important at the moment, but are we even going to remember them later in life? probably not.

My kids started school this week and every thing seemed so crucial. Who their teacher is, the home lunch that I  packed them on the first day that apparently was super embarressing with a hard boiled egg that stunk like crazy. I am wondering if even though we don’t remember a lot of these things later, do they shape who we become?

my kids have such different personalities. I see it in the details.  How will the way they are now affect them later. I am guessing that my child that insisted on days of the week underwear and is determined to wear the right day every day even though she has a laundry challenged mother will be someone who feels strongly about what she wants to do with her life later. She will probably be super successfull in being in charge.

My other child who is always wondering how others are feeling and has a smile that lights up the room will be helping others and making sure everyone is ok around her.

Does what we lack in our memories still have a place in who we are? I am sure it does, but we will never know because we don’t even remember them in the first place.


I decided to join a memoir writing group where you put a timer on for 8 minutes and write, with a different prompt each time. This is day two.  I am trying to get back in the habit of writing again! 


I Remember When



I remember when I was first dating my husband. Life was dream like. Every day figuring out a way to spend time with this new person in your life that suddenly meant everything. Inside jokes, walks that last for hours where you talk about everything under then sun and beyond. To have someone to listen to anything you wanted to say. All those conversations shaping your future as you decide that is the person who it will all begin with.

Fourteen years later I still have that someone, and four other someones who I live around, with, and for. I would do anything for these five people and I have, things I never would have imagined, such as playing the lovely smell test game of “Is it poop or is it chocolate” like I had to just yesterday (Luckily it was chocolate this time)

Loving others with a fiercness that can survive anything is a good way to live. It gets pretty messy and crazy and sad and everything, that is what is supposed to happen. Still dream like, Just a different dream.


****So yes it has been a million blog years since I have written. Decided to change that today! I am joining in on this Memoir writing group challenge to jumpstart me into writing again. The 1st day of school was a great day to start!

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When Netflix Makes you Feel Guilty.

I have mentioned many times how much I love Netflix. I think we have had it for at least five years and it has been a match made in TV heaven.

I love it’s cheap price, binge worthy shows, and the look on that annoying cable solicitors face when you say with a smirk that all you need is Netflix, and he instantly knows he is not going to get you to pay ten times more for unnecessary  channels on your television.

What I have not anticipated though is the guilt I feel when a certain feature interrupts my programming or in this case my kids programming. You see, I am not the only one obsessed with binge watching programs at my house. The other culprit is my three year old. As of now she is completely enthralled with The Magic School Bus, and the outdated 80’s classic Mario Brothers.

I admit I do get a little carried away while she absorbs the quirky Miss Frizzle and her magic school bus of wonders. I just love the freedom that time gives me to do the dishes or lets face it stare at Facebook. When I hear her voice from the other room scream my name I go to see whats wrong and see this on the screen.


“Yes I am here”, I want to scream!! “I know I should be teaching her the ABC’s, Making sensory bins, or helping her memorize the Capitols to all fifty states but you are just too tempting!! I am not a bad mom I promise! You with your constant children programming and your fast 15 second wait while another episode loads are just too wonderful!”

I start naming the things we did recently hoping to wash away the guilt. “Hey Netflix, we did just go to the park and did you notice I read her that Dr Seuss book this morning? I also made her pancakes and watched her do that trick 50 times! Did you see that!?!?”

I of course then realize immediately that Netflix is not judging me, That I am bringing on the guilt myself like always. This is just a feature that Netflix has for one reason or another and I quickly  just press play because, this Mom stuff is crazy hard and  I just need a little bit more of a break!

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I Have Created Monsters

Rice Packs

It is so cold and I am so sick of it. I don’t do well in the cold. I have not always been this way. Maybe it is because I am getting older, who knows.  To combat the cold and to not have our heater running non stop all night I have started this life changing thing. They are rice packs heated up in the microwave! yeah I know that does not sound very innovative but they are amazing. My Mom gifted me my first one and now I think I have at least six. You put them in the microwave for three or four minutes (Don’t heat them too much or they will burn! I have made that mistake more than once) Do not underestimate how magical these are. They can ease any ache, make you sleepy instantly and just make you feel wonderful. My husband jokes that they are my new boyfriends.  We call them beans around my house because the first one I got was filled with beans (This is riveting info right?)

Well my kids started wanting them at bedtime too and now they are hooked and friends, I have created monsters! I am woken up in the middle of the night by my littles to reheat their beans! It is like I have a newborn again or something. The worst part is that I get up and do it! which makes me not bright either but I know how awesome they are so I want them to always have warm ones to cuddle up with. I can blame no one but myself.

I guess this is my new life, standing by the microwave in three minute intervals all night waiting for sacks of rice to heat up. Motherhood is just filled with so many fun surprises. I can’t wait until it is summer!

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