My Outnumbered Husband


My husband often gets a certain comment from strangers when they see him with all four of his daughters “All girls eh?” They say this In the same tone someone would talk about something terrible. Like being forced on an all bug diet or being trapped in your home with the only option on the T.V being a Calliou Marathon. I am sure he feels a little overwhelmed on occasion but this is his normal and I know he would not want it any other way.

What I love about him is he does not limit our girls to only do things considered for girls, and regularly introduces them to things he likes. The other day he bought a football at the store. Our girls were ecstatic. They could not wait to play with it with him. As soon as we got home my eight year old proclaimed. “Dad let’s go throw that thing around.” Give it to my girly daughters to not even know what a football is.

When my daughters are playing dress up and run to him to see what he thinks he always gives them rave reviews. He showers them with compliments making them feel so good about themselves. I even catch them watching My Little Pony together and don’t tell my husband I said this, but I think he secretly enjoys it as much as them.

The drama that erupts frequently in our house is enough to send anyone to hide in the closet and never come out. (and they are not even teenagers yet!) But honestly, I know I can get through it as long as I have  my outnumbered husband by my side.


*Yes we took all of our girls to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I figured I should let my husband pick a movie once in his life. I had no idea it was PG-13 until half way through. Honestly it was not too bad and everyone loved it. well…. except me. ( I will be waiting with baited breath for my mother of the year trophy to come in the mail.)





My Place of Zen


Things have been a little crazy over here, I am talking about broken bones, sick kids, my husband working two jobs, and the regular lack of normal four daughters bring. These things and more have not made it the most enjoyable of times in my life. Sometimes I let my mind wander to a more relaxing place, where I would find my zen, so to speak.

On our recent trip to San Diego we rented a few paddle boards one afternoon. They looked a little hard to balance on but I could not shake the thought that I really wanted to try one. My thoughtful husband humored me and as I stood on that board with the paddle in my hand. I found my inner peace. I think probably the main reason why I was so calm and peaceful was the fact I was paddling away from the madness which are my crazy girls. Saying farewell to the drama, if only for a minute. I love them to death but the calmness of the bay, the colors of the ocean. It was bliss! I longed to live nearby and to do this every single morning, maybe even participate in a paddle board yoga class that I saw a sign for while I was there. Doesn’t that sounds amazing? It did to me that day. I could have stayed on that paddle board relaxing for hours. but after about an hour  it was time to go back to my normal non zen life of gathering my gaggle of sand covered girls and heading back to the every day that awaited me after our vacation.

I’m now far from that ocean and from ever having daily access to it and yet it still comes to mind. To make myself feel better I say to myself. “If you lived near that bay, there is no way you would do that every day, you would not have the time. Your kids would still need help getting ready for school. Other things would get in the way.”

I know when my kids get older I will have lots more time for peacefulness in my life. At that time I will probably long for the craziness of my daughters being little. The cuddles, and laughter. The good and the bad. A grass is always greener type of thought.

I think I will try to enjoy the crazy in my present life just a little bit more. As hard as my kids are. They are also pretty amazingly wonderful. They make me laugh and bring me more joy that I ever thought was possible.

My place of Zen will have to wait for now, and that’s okay with me.

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We are all familiar with the milestones our babies do, rolling over, crawling, walking. We wildly anticipate them for our first child waiting with baited breath at the first sign of a crawl, phone in hand to document. By the second and third we are so distracted by the craziness of it all that the younger ones could be talking in paragraphs by the time we finally realize it.

What about the not so fun milestones? The first time they decide to use whats in their diaper as finger paints. the first self inflicted haircut.

I have four daughters and who knows how I have gotten so lucky but some of these things had not happened at my house…. until now. My youngest has proven she wants to change our good streak we had going.  She is a spitfire, the type of child that can get head to toe filthy after giving her one M&M

While playing on the trampoline with her sisters a few weeks ago (something I should have been paying more attention too) She broke her leg. I have never experienced a broken leg before. It was so sad! At the moment she is sporting a bright pink cast that covers her entire right leg. This girl is such a trooper. she has not let it get in her way and hobbles around like a champ. I think part of her enjoys the attention this brings her. The adorable smile she flashes at people who enquire what happened is quite charming. She even let her dad adorn her cast with a cute picture that was oh so fitting. She gets the cast off in a little over a week thank goodness. Until then I have learned how to somewhat keep it dry during baths, and not to care when I see her drawing on it with anything she gets her hands on, including Oreos.

Sometimes I think I have this parenting thing down. Been there done that. but no, not so true at the moment and something tells me that is not going to change any time soon.




Survivors Ready!

As I have mentioned here before the Screamettes and I are huge Survivor fans. We love it! We have the best time watching it together, that is until they lose interest and start jumping all over me. I also make sure there is a treat each week while we watch as well because everything is better with a treat!

The new season started last night and we were ready. We even made round two of our own Survivor buffs. They turned out so much better than the last time I tried to make them! Like they actually function! I am so bad at crafts, and am reminded how terrible I am every time I try! (which is rare) Seriously, can some one just tell me to never try to make anything again? This time I found already made plain head wraps at a store. They are pretty much like the actual buffs. I then enlisted my husband once again to help me with the graphic and we printed them on fabric paper and ironed them on the buffs. I am so glad he humors me!




Don’t they look adorable? I hope they have fun memories of this when they are older and somehow forget the parts where I am yelling at them to stop talking and moving around so I can just watch the show!!




Five Healthy Lunches

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Intermountain Healthcare all opinions are mine.

After learning all about what makes a healthy lunch a few weeks ago and writing about it here. I am thrilled to announce that this past week I made Five healthy lunches. This was a little out of my comfort zone and I am happy to share my results. Let’s face it, part of me is quite shocked that I prepared five healthy lunches without throwing in fruit snacks once or twice! I went with a simple approach. As much as I love the adorable super clever themed lunches, it  just is not in me to do that at the moment. They were all healthy and delicious and loved by my kiddos so without further adieu here they are.

#healthylunches #LiVeWell From top to bottom

1.Kale and bacon pasta salad (bought at health food store) Wheat pretzels with hummus, peaches and plums, yogurt covered raisins.

2. Salad with cheese and turkey (small packet of ranch included) Peaches and grapes, a few dark chocolate covered almonds,  whole wheat raspberry bar.

3. Red and gold pepper slices, chipotle ranch for dipping, Turkey sandwiches on wheat with string cheese, and a plum. (this was as cute as I could come up with having them be X’s and O’s)

4. Granny smith and Gala apples with a small amount of caramel, sliced peppers and a cheese quesadilla on a corn tortilla, hummus.

5. Chicken salad with cranberries and pecans (bought at health food store) on whole wheat bread, string cheese, dries fruit and nuts, carrots and wheat pretzels with hummus.

I loved using the rubbermaid bento style lunchbox all week, They were easy to clean and the portion sizes are perfect! Want to win one of your own? Go to the Intermountain LiVeWell Facebook page and enter the giveaway.

There you have it. I sure learned a ton. One of those things being that my kids love hummus. Who knew? Will I stop having my kids eat school lunch and continue to make lunches like these every single day? Realistically no,  but I know I will implement lunches like these more often now. I am so glad I took what I learned from the Intermountain LiVeWell healthy lunches campaign and made a week of  nutritious lunches for my kids. I did notice my grocery bill was a little higher, but with time I know I will get better at making these lunches for less money. I also thought more throughout the day about how awesome it was that my kids were getting a nutritious lunch, and that is worth it for me. If I can do this, literally anyone can I promise!


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