Five Healthy Lunches

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Intermountain Healthcare all opinions are mine.

After learning all about what makes a healthy lunch a few weeks ago and writing about it here. I am thrilled to announce that this past week I made Five healthy lunches. This was a little out of my comfort zone and I am happy to share my results. Let’s face it, part of me is quite shocked that I prepared five healthy lunches without throwing in fruit snacks once or twice! I went with a simple approach. As much as I love the adorable super clever themed lunches, it  just is not in me to do that at the moment. They were all healthy and delicious and loved by my kiddos so without further adieu here they are.

#healthylunches #LiVeWell From top to bottom

1.Kale and bacon pasta salad (bought at health food store) Wheat pretzels with hummus, peaches and plums, yogurt covered raisins.

2. Salad with cheese and turkey (small packet of ranch included) Peaches and grapes, a few dark chocolate covered almonds,  whole wheat raspberry bar.

3. Red and gold pepper slices, chipotle ranch for dipping, Turkey sandwiches on wheat with string cheese, and a plum. (this was as cute as I could come up with having them be X’s and O’s)

4. Granny smith and Gala apples with a small amount of caramel, sliced peppers and a cheese quesadilla on a corn tortilla, hummus.

5. Chicken salad with cranberries and pecans (bought at health food store) on whole wheat bread, string cheese, dries fruit and nuts, carrots and wheat pretzels with hummus.

I loved using the rubbermaid bento style lunchbox all week, They were easy to clean and the portion sizes are perfect! Want to win one of your own? Go to the Intermountain LiVeWell Facebook page and enter the giveaway.

There you have it. I sure learned a ton. One of those things being that my kids love hummus. Who knew? Will I stop having my kids eat school lunch and continue to make lunches like these every single day? Realistically no,  but I know I will implement lunches like these more often now. I am so glad I took what I learned from the Intermountain LiVeWell healthy lunches campaign and made a week of  nutritious lunches for my kids. I did notice my grocery bill was a little higher, but with time I know I will get better at making these lunches for less money. I also thought more throughout the day about how awesome it was that my kids were getting a nutritious lunch, and that is worth it for me. If I can do this, literally anyone can I promise!


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Say Hello to Your Friends

Netflix has opened a whole slew of options for my girls to lazily watch explore. It never ceases to amaze me what they find. The other day I heard a familiar song playing from the TV downstairs and when I went down to check on what they were watching, a trip down memory lane followed, It was The Babysitters Club! Pretty much my favorite book series, and TV show when I was younger, even if it is embarrassing to admit. I laughed at what it seems like now. My girls were mesmerized by the frizzy hair and oh so superb acting. While watching it with them one phrase came into my mind “I feel old!” I am in my mid thirties and have always felt young until the last few years. I think the amount of energy my four daughters have is aging me much more quickly then the number of years since my birth implies.

It is crazy to look back on something you enjoyed when you were younger and everything is different, even if leg warmers have made a comeback.

That night my oldest went to sleep with her hair in a braid. when she woke up she brushed the heck out of her long brown hair and hollered at me to come see. “Look Mom, I look just like the girls on that show!”

Me and my daughter

Although she did look like one of the girls in the Babysitters club, she looked even more like me! It was as if I was staring into a mirror. A mirror that showed myself 25 years previously. It was pretty trippy in a sentimental kind of way of course.  People always have told me that my oldest and I look a lot a like but wow, did it ring more true with her hair done the same way I did mine way back in the day.

Things will change drastically for her from now until she is an adult just like they did with my childhood. Who knows, maybe she will be laughing about how uncomfortably tight skinny jeans were with her kids. 



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Switching to Healthy Lunches

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Intermountain Healthcare. All opinions are my own

LiVe Well

The start of a new school year always brings more organization. I have a much easier time planning things and running errands with only my two year old home with me while her sisters are in school all day. I love it!  My family dinner plans have been  better  with me incorporating veggies and more healthy ingredients for our night time meals, but guess what I had over looked? Lunch. I realized this when I was eating the left over mac and cheese that my daughter had finished eating and thought to myself that this needed to change.

My daughters eat school lunch most of the time, but how much better would it be if I sent them with a more healthy filling homemade lunches more often? The timing was perfect because I recently got invited to learn all about making healthy delicious lunches with Intermountain Healthcare and their LiVe Well healthy lunches program. A nutritionist came to speak with us about all of the great healthy options that will help our children grow strong. I loved all of the information she shared and all the effort that they are putting into educating people about healthy lunches.

They have tons of information, even print outs to help you plan your week of lunches. I love the planning sheets and can’t wait to use them with my when I plan my families lunches.

We were given an awesome bento style rubbermaod lunch box with tons of containers that fit perfect size portions for lunch. I love that there is an icepack that connects to the containers as well. If you head over to the Intermountain LiVe Well Facebook page you can enter to win one of 8 of these hard to find lunch boxes! You can also find the lunch printout helps there as well.



We then had a chance to a prepare a lunch of our own with tons of fun options. I loved the little packages of cheese and can’t wait to buy some for my girls lunches.

Healthy Lunches

I learned that it does not have to be super difficult to plan a healthy lunch. It can take minimal prep and be so beneficial. Here are a few tips they mentioned to help the whole process of smoother.

* Have your children come to the store with you and help pick the items.

* Have your child help prepare the lunch the night before with you.

*Use fun shapes and themes for the lunches. (To get more ideas on packing lunches you can follow them on Pinterest.)

I am really excited to implement what I  learned! I know my family will be so excited to try their new lunches and the benefits of eating a healthy lunch will be even better.


The Ultimate Prank.

Right before school started my family and I went on a much needed vacation. We caravanned up to San diego with my parents, my two brothers, and their families. If you know anything about my Mom you would know she is a creative, fun, queen of cutesyness, yes thats a real thing. She loves to plan things for her twelve grand kids. My Dad refers to her as the cruise director and that is the truth.  She wanted us all to wear matching shirts to the baseball game we had planned one night. Not everyone was thrilled. Twenty people wearing the exact same shirt for one evening was not everyone’s dream come true.

While shopping one day for ideas for the shirts my Mom and I came up with a doozy of a prank, you know those moments where your laughing so hard you are crying and using everyone of your stomach muscles. That was us in the middle of the store. Our idea was for her and I to match every day of our trip. Just to be a little tongue and cheek for the people not thrilled with the matching agenda we were pushing for the baseball game. The store we were at gave us oodles of  choices and I swear it took us an hour to narrow is down to eight shirts. These were really inexpensive shirts as well. I was not about to sell the farm just to be amusing.

We did not think anyone would find this silliness of ours as funny as we did nor did we think anyone would think we did it on accident. Boy were we wrong.

We chose the the craziest t-shirt to start with. They were baby blue with a giant photo of Mahammed Ali. This shirt gave us the most giggles because I mean, we are not into boxing or anything. It is the opposite of any shirt we would ever get. When we arrived at the meeting place to start driving to San Diego everyone was convinced this was a total accident, not planned whatsoever. I was not prepared to lie up a storm so I definitely did not fib as well as my mom who convincingly acted shocked as she saw my Mahammad Ali staring back at her baby blue Mahammed Ali tee.

The next day it was our Army shirts. again pandamonium with everyones reaction “oh my goodness, again??” “thats so crazy, what a coincidence!” My brothers wife who saw me for a second before we all started driving more even had me text her a picture of my shirt and then had my mom do the same to prove we had matched once again. We still had most everyone believing us. It was hysterical!

A few people were starting to doubt us, so for the next day we decided to mix things up a bit. My Mom had two other duplicates of a shirt we had bought to give my two sister inlaw’s so that the next day four of us would be all matchy match. This was genius because nobody believed that my mom and I had done it again on purpose, but they did believe that my sister in laws were by accident! We got everybody so good! We continued to match the entire trip  while the grandkids were still thinking how crazy of a coincidence it was that my Mom and I matched every day.

Matchy matchy prank

This prank was a hoot. My families reactions were priceless. I love that I can do such goofy things with my Mom, and I know this will be a forever memory we will have and a pretty tough prank to beat.


Animal Jam Review

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Animal Jam, all opinions are my very own.


I have a bone fide animal lover in my home. My oldest daughter has always been this way and begs for a puppy daily.  I have to applaud her devotion to all animals. (although at the moment, she is partial to dolphins) A few months ago she started getting into a computer game that has my full parental approval. Animal Jam, it is a wonderfully educational website partnered with National Geographic to teach awesome animal facts while children play  fun interactive games. You can choose an animal to dress up and go to fun different areas in the Animal Jam world. They can interact with other Animal Jam members (with safety settings) by trading items or going into animal parties.

Animal Jam Review

It did not surprise me at all when it was her birthday recently and she asked for an Animal Jam membership, to enhance the website she had already been on a million times. It was an easy purchase for me. Truly a win win situation. The game is adorable and so interactive. It solved her summer boredom and has been a great incentive for her to finish her homework, when she gets home from school.

When Animal Jam contacted me to do a sponsored post plus amazing giveaway, it was a perfect fit. It was already something I had invested in and loved.

Here are a few reasons why my daughter loves Animal Jam.

*She loves dressing up her pets all cute (who wouldn’t?), Her favorite game is called best dressed, that is where ten different players try to dress there animal up best to fit a theme. Her favorite animal to dress up is the deer.

Animal Jam Review4

*She loves learning things about animals.

AnimalJam Review2

*She loves all the parties they have. Every thirty minutes there is a different party that has a different theme, like bunnies only party and trading parties.

*She loves all of the cool items you can get for your den.

*She also loves the adventures, you have to find keys to unlock animals and defeat the phantoms, which are little black spiders with one eye.

Here are some reasons I love the game.

*I know she is learning while playing.

*I do not worry about her internet safety while she plays.

*I have a parent dashboard I can go on and see how long she is playing and control her settings.

Animal Jam Review5

*It is interactive, and beneficial. I have read some of the animal facts and they are pretty cool,

*Also I love the fact they have an actual Herpetologist that can answer kids questions about animals. We were lucky to attend a local Animal Jam event recently where we were able to meet Dr, Brady Barr. His expertise and passion for animals was amazing and my girls loved looking up all of his animal shows and watching them when we got home.

Animal Jam review3

Now for the giveaway! Animal Jam is giving one of you a full year membership, and wait there’s more! (said in my best infomercial voice) they have also added 25,000 gems and 25 diamonds to the account, My daughter thinks that is an amazing prize! I hope you do to. Just fill out the Rafflecopter below.
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