The Potty Train Has Left The Building

PottyTrainingDo you ever have something in your life that you know you should do but you keep putting it off and have this overwhelming feeling it is going to be the worst thing possible? The funny thing is that when you actually suck it up and do it it is not near as bad as you thought it would be.

Potty training my youngest was like that for me. I was dreading it like the plague. Little did I know, orange Mike and Ikes and Paw Patrol undies would get my cutie using the potty like a champ!

I also find it funny how amazed by this new skill I am. I find myself in awe the first few days like she deserves a Pulitzer prize or something instead of the fact that she is just sitting on the porcelain throne like we all do daily.

Anyone who knows me knows I can get a little overenthusiastic. potty training is no exception I am like Richard Simmons on crack.  I probably look like I am literally going to explode when my child first uses the potty. I just want them to be proud of themselves, but I may be overdoing it. We came up with a song to sing and because it’s summer and all of my creative juices are dried out. Her song song went like this, “I went Pee hip hip hooray, I went Pee hip hip Hooray.” Yeah, probably not going to win a Grammy for that one. She loved the song and still sings it even when we are in public restrooms. Hilarious.

After about a week she was pretty much accident free. If I would have known it was going to be this easy I would have done this a lot sooner. You would think I would know have learned that lesson by now.

Nope, I most definitely have not.



The Upside to Being an Introvert


My Mom recently gifted us a pass to a community pool nearby. To say it is saving my summer is the understatement of the year. Summer and I aren’t exactly on the best terms. The bickering and “I am bored’s” coming from my kids make me feel like the Fable of the lobster in the cold pot of water that does not realize how much trouble he is in until it is too late. The water slowly getting too hot, eventually cooking him before he can realize it.

The pool is an outlet, a place I can take my girls where they are unequivocally happy. Their cheerfulness is contagious and sitting in the hot sun seeing their joy has done me a lot of good.

As I look around at all the moms saving there sanity like me applying sunscreen frequently to dimpled cheeks and sun kissed shoulders, I see friendships. Moms talking to one another non stop.

I have to admit a little pang of loneliness hits me wishing I had someone to talk to. That is where my introverted personality comes in. Of course I have people to talk to! After one short intro I am sure I could be friends with many of the Moms at the pool They all seem very nice and would be super polite. My nerves stop me in my tracks while I think about the awkwardness that always comes shortly after I open my mouth. My mind races. “Was I too forward?” “Oh I  should not have just said that.” “Do they really even want me to join in the conversation?”

Instead I have let my introverted ways leave me sitting by my kids. Them as my only company. That it when it has actually been a huge plus to be socially awkward. I have instead spent almost every minute at the pool playing with my kids. Imagine that! We make up synchronized swimming routines to “Shake it Off.” I throw sinkable rings to my cuties at their delight with no iphone in sight. Complete hands on ness which I admit is not always a part of my routine, My girls are taking notice. I see it in their eyes when my answer is a big fat yes to them wanting to show me a trick just one more time.

The thickly chlorinated community pool is doing my kids and I good this summer and I would not have it any other way.


Trying Something New


Photo credit: Dallas Graham | The Bee


Do you ever find yourself in a rut that you just can’t seem to get out of? Where you just feel like your repeating the same things day after day not really pursuing anything or moving forward. That has been me lately and I was so sick of it that drastic measures were needed.

I have recently been obsessed with storytelling pod casts. They get me through all the mundane Mom chores everyday and are so entertaining. My favorites are The Moth, and This American Life. One day I started googling (which is a rarely a good idea) To see if there was anything storytelling related near me happening soon. That is when I found The Bee, True Stories From the Hive. The Bee is this new, really cool event that takes place every two months to a packed audience in different venues downtown. They put anyone’s name who wants to tell a story in a hat and pull out ten of them throughout the night. Each person who is called, goes up and tells a true story that goes with a theme that is chosen in advance. The goal is to tell the entire story in less than five minutes if you go over, a harmonica is played until you end your story. It is in their words “lovingly competitive storytelling in SLC”

Even though this was so out of my comfort zone I could not shake the feeling that I just had to participate. After major internal battles from my worried mind and just the logistics with our one car and the kids it was all figured out. Thanks to my Mom who volunteered to go with me. Because going alone scared me to death.

The theme of the night was Dirt, I had the perfect story filled with a horrifically embarrassing moment in my life that I was just itching to tell. I knew that if I was going to go I would put my name in the hat for sure despite the ball of nerves that would no doubt be sitting in the pit of my stomach.

I was a tad worried about bringing my Mom to the bar where it was at. I thought it may be quite offensive given the theme of the night. While I was right about the language and material people used with their stories. It was strangely unoffensive. Seeing people stand up and tell an authentic story completely sharing themselves with us was beautiful and quite mesmerizing.

I knew there were not ton of names in the hat so my chances of being chosen were quite high. After three people went up my name was announced. I was so nervous that I can’t even remember walking up to the stage. My awkward self was dying of thirst as I asked the sweet woman timing the stories if I could take a drink of her water. making sure it was just water way too many times. My nerves making me sound like a blubbering idiot which is actually a pretty accurate description of me most of the time.

As I stood up  to tell my story my nerves slowly dissipated and I have to admit that It was totally freeing and confidence building to share a part of me on that stage. People laughed! More than once! My story was about one of the most awkward moments of my life. (I have quite a few). It’s funny how sharing your personal moments of life with an audience of complete strangers can be so gratifying.

Life is messy and humbling and I truly think that when we share these things with others we can relate to one another immediately no matter how different we are. As I walked back through the audience everyone was so complimentary and nice about my story and that I chose to tell it.

My Mom and I had a blast. The vibe was awesome. Each storyteller was amazing. I loved all of them and the uniqueness of how each person decided to deliver their tale.  Everyone was so genuine that it was truly a cool thing to witness. It was definitely a night to remember.

Forcing myself out of my comfort zone always gives me a sense that nothing is impossible and that even the mundane in my everyday life is not so mundane after all,  this was no exception.

I highly recommend not only attending one of these amazing storytelling events but putting your name in that hat and giving yourself a chance to share and connect with people over the awesome art of storytelling.

There are a few shows coming up very soon. Go here to their website to find out more details and follow them on Face book at The Bee to stay up to date. It really was a uniquely awesome experience.

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Our Car Feels Like Prison

photo (13)

Want to experience one of the most stressful scenarios of parenting? Go in a car with all of your kids, drive to a parking lot and wait for your spouse to “run in the store real quick.”

A few weeks ago we all hopped in the car to run a bunch of mothers day errands. I knew one stop would require just one of us to run in the store instead of taking our whole crazy posse. That was my first mistake. Don’t ever submit yourself to being trapped in a box with all of your little people. It feels frighteningly similar to Houdini agreeing to being handcuffed underwater, but with no way knowing how to get out.

Take away everyone’s buffer space and it is bound to get ugly. The errand will always take longer than expected and each kid will quickly show you every annoying thing they are capable of very quickly.

After about 15 minutes of this I found myself trying to gain control over the situation by spurting out things I thought might help. This following phrase actually came out of my mouth.

“Freeze! You have the right to remain silent everything you say can or may be used against you in the court of Mom.”

Okay I did not say in the court of mom but that is a good addition right? Being stuck in a car with four kids could definitely be compared to prison.

Seeing my husband slowly saunter over back to the car felt like Christmas morning. My nightmare was finally over. Next time I will for sure take all of my kids into the store no matter what.

Expect to hear how awful that will turn out to be in an upcoming post.



Lucky Thirteen

photo (12)

Thirteen years ago today I made one of the best decisions of my whole life and married the most wonderful guy. Hopefully my husband feels the same way! Looking back, our dating days are some of the sweetest memories I have. Full of enough cheesyness for all of the worlds extra cheese pizza’s, but that is one of the reasons it is so fun to look back on.

To demonstrate the corniness of it all I have to do is name a few of our songs. Yes there is more than one.

Thank You, By Dido

I Want to Love You, by Bob Marley

and are you ready for the cheesiest? Groovy Kind of Love!! The Phil Collins version of course.

I remember him playing our songs on his guitar while I would melt into a puddle. While we were dating we both attended the same community college. He would walk me to one of my classes that was actually across a small bridge where we we would say goodbye’s for a very long time, as if we would not see each other for a year when the reality was we were together again a few hours later. I am sure we annoyed everyone who passed us on that little bridge.

Finals that semester was a nightmare especially my chemistry exam where I completely failed it because my brain could not turn off the utter explosion of feelings I had for that cute guy of mine with dark wavy hair and an old run down shelby charger.

Oh what a ride it has been! From having four beautiful daughters to moving eight times. One move halfway across the country and then back ten months later. While our life now consists of calming down our four dramatic girls, paying bills and working our buts off to make it all work, I would not change a thing.

Instead of being serenaded and staring into each others eyes, there is laughter over the hilarity of our crazy life and many late nights eating junk food after the kids are asleep and playing video games with me always winning (That may be an exaggeration)  below is proof I at least won once.

Mario Coins

He is my best friend and partner in crime and as cliche as that may be, It is completely the truth!