Drama From My Apps

I am an avid iphone user. When I say avid I mean completely and utterly addicted to the thing. So of course that means I have a lot of apps. I have the necessities like facebook, twitter, and instagram. Then I have other ones that are not so crucial to my daily life. When you think about it everything you can possibly think of has an app.

A few of my apps send me messages every little while. It is always weird to me when I look at my phone and see that I have  a message, not from someone I know but from an app. Its is kind of disappointing and makes me feel like I have no friends.

For instance, when I forgo my running regimen (which is always, I don’t even have a regimen) This message pops up.


Instead of feeling reminded I feel annoyed. Does this app even know what is going on in my life? Does it know that if I did have time to invest in myself the last thing I would be doing would be running? I would be at the salon getting a nice haircut or eating fancy chocolates while binge watching a new series on Netflix. Does this app know I have four kids and that it is freakin cold outside? I don’t think so.

Then there is this gem



Your not fooling anyone period tracker. This is not clever code. Hopefully you are not coming up with any other codes for more important organizations, because we would all be in big trouble if that’s that case.  Maybe you could get away with it if your app was not called pink pad. Not only have you told me something in a horrible way, but you reminded me that the next few days are not going to be fun at all. The fancy chocolates are much more needed now than ever!

I bet your thinking I should just delete these apps so I don’t have to deal with this nonsense. Your probably right, but then what would I have to blog about?




Bunnies Make Great Pets

Bunnies make great pets

It was a Sunday morning. My husband and I were still in bed being lazy when my oldest daughter came to talk to us, ipad in hand. She had a plan. Equipped with a presentation including facts and pictures. She began to tell us why she wanted a bunny. Two male bunnies to be specific.

Her delivery was professional as she proceeded to tell us everything we needed to know about bunnies and how she would make it all happen.  I sat and watched her in awe. She was doing an awesome job. I stared at her dimples while she talked about how responsible she would be and how she would take care of everything. I could not help but picture her the day she was born, Five weeks premature with a high pitched cry that was bigger than she was.

She concluded by saying that she is responsible and gets good grades she watches her sisters with ease and that she could totally handle it

She rocked the presentation and was so mature. I felt like giving my husband and I a pat on the back, we are obviously better parents than I thought we were. There was problem though, all the awe for her in the whole world could not over power the elephant, or I should say giant bunny in the room.

I despise the idea of having bunnies in our home. whether I am right or wrong I kind of put them in the whole hamster, guinea pig, rat category. Having an animal in a cage in our house all the time seems gross. I picture me being the only one to end up cleaning it out, losing it in our house and everything else associated with these kind of pets.

I decided to be honest with her and she shocked me even more. she responded by saying, okay Mom, but I think it will happen some day. Her smile not at all ruined by me dashing her bunny dreams.

Her mature attitude has been refreshing, even days after the bunny meeting. She has been casually mentioning  to me more positive things about bunnies. Things like the fact that they do not throw up or stink.

We may not be getting a bunny any time soon but she sure does have me thinking about getting a pet. A kitten would be so great for all of us. I had the best cat in the whole world growing up a female cat named Spike ( my brothers named her). I would love for my girls to experience that. A cat would be simple and I think a great addition to our family.

My Husband does not share my affection for cats and does not want one at all.

Now if I could just get my daughter to help me make one of those power point presentations I think we would be set.


*picture above is direct slides from the bunny presentation, I sure do love that clever girl of mine.

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A Simplified December

simplifying Christmas


I am going to start off pretty cliche but I cannot believe it is December already. I usually find myself in a panicked state this time every year. These are the questions that usually run through my frazzled mind as I realize everyone in Pinterest land does the holidays better then me.

Did I get everyone enough presents? Are they the right ones that everyone will just love?

Are we doing enough festive things together as a family?

Do my kids actually realize that Christmas is not just about Santa?

How many Delicious treats can I eat without gaining 50 pounds?

This year it is all about simplifying. My 11 year old is enjoying her second year as CEO of elf on the shelf. She does a better job then I ever did and it has been a fun way for her to do something nice for her little sisters. Last year she rocked it.

This obsession I had with filling each pocket of this advent quilt blanket had to go. Not that I could even find it this year. The year I tried to divide a 500 piece puzzle of the nativity into all the pockets for the kids to put together each day was a complete fail.

I have told my daughters that we are having a simpler Christmas, they have so much and I think they will enjoy the toys they do get more if there is not so many. I am finding myself putting a lot more thought into what I want to get them this year, because of it.

I am getting organized for all of the Christmas parties we have coming up. Like buying ingredients ahead of time to make something instead of buying gross store bought things like I normally do and getting the right amount of White elephant gifts so I don’t ruin the infamous White Elephant Christmas game again this year.

Back Story: A few years ago at a Christmas party with all of my cousins we were doing the white elephant game. The one where everyone picks a number and when it is your turn you can either steal or get a present from the pile. When it came to the end of the game there was one too few of gifts. A whole discussion erupted. Who did not bring a gift? whats going on? The truth was, it was totally me. I had only brought one gift, not two to account for my husband and I. I did not fess up to it then out of embarrassment and just waited for the conversation about it to end which seemed like it lasted a million hours.

So where was I? Oh yes, trying to simplify Christmas. I am hoping that with these few changes my  family and I will get the most out of this wonderful season. We will see what happens. Now I just need someone to make sure I stay off Instagram and Pinterest and I think I will do ok.


Learning a New Skill



This is embarrassing to admit but I have never mastered how to type correctly! (there I said it! Feels good to finally get that off my chest) I have been using 2-4 fingers my whole life and must have completely ignored my 7th grade typing class that I took using a huge old school typewriter. While we are at it lets also say I totally ignored math as well because I can barely help my 6th grader with her homework. My struggles are real!

I have been writing a lot lately and getting more serious about it so I decided enough was enough. I found some resources online and have been learning through a typing website. I don’t know if it is because I am older and set in my ways but it is tough. I am doing it right now and every ounce of my energy is used to not just give up and starting pecking the keys with two fingers yet again. My fingers feel like uncoordinated bear paws and my brain speeds ahead of my slow fingers and I am always typing the wrong thing.

I am getting better I really am, but it has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. Hmmm what else have I said that phrase about in my life? <cough cough> Motherhood!

All I know is as soon as I am consistently typing at least 40 words a minute I am buying myself a prize!

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On Being A Chocolate Snob.


I find myself in a bit of a conundrum lately. I think I have become somewhat of a food snob, at least when it comes to sweets and baked goods. Not just the regular will do anymore. I blame trendy food trucks and Trader Joe’s, however my love for Trader Joe’s is so great that I could never blame it for anything.

This could be considered a good thing because none of my childrens Halloween candy even appealed to me this year. If it is not %62 cacao then move it along. You think this would cause me to eat less sweets but no. I find myself suspiciously close to the places where I can get the treats that speak to me. My children’s pediatrician is so close to all my favorite bakeries and of course trader Joe’s. The dentist and my midwife are also conveniently placed right next to all of the deliciousness. Instead of running to the nearest 7-11 to indulge my sweet tooth for a buck or two. I find myself on instagram seeing where the gourmet liege waffle food truck is that day. Oh it is near the post office? I think I need to mail a letter.

All of these indulgences are doing terrible things to my waistline and my pocketbook as you can imagine. I even have a chocolate cupboard in my kitchen. Well not a cupboard made out of chocolate although that would be amazing, but a cupboard dedicated to my snobby treats. I do in fact share, but have been known to hoard my dark chocolate cookie butter candy bars every once in awhile.

I have to say the bliss of eating a fancy treat after I have painstakingly put all four kids to bed is pretty much heavenly. Sometimes that is all I am looking forward too when I am having a rough day. I know this should not be a regular occurrence but am struggling with the moderation part. Perhaps when my kids are a little older and not so dramatic I will slow it down a bit.

Who am I kidding? We have not even approached the teenage years yet! Bring on the Gourmet chocolate covered almonds, also I think I am going to need a bigger cupboard.


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