Everything Ends in Tears.

everything ends in tearsYou know those quotes and words that everyone comes up with at the beginning of a new year? I know I am a little late to the game, but I have just come up with the perfect theme or slogan that fits our family to a T.

Everything Ends in Tears

What’s that you say? The Theme is supposed to be a peaceful life affirming quote to look too throughout the year for guidance? Well mine is just telling the truth.

With four daughters I have never come up with a more truthful statement then our new theme. The drama and anguish that can explode out of my four adorable girls is pretty epic.

No matter what we are doing,  it always ends in tears. You name it, even if it was Disneyland, lunch with Taylor Swift, Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I guarantee a sob fest about something or other would end up happening. You think this would depress me. It does not. if anything it prepares me for what is to come day in and day out.

Whenever I run into another mother that has all daughters like me, but they are older I always beg her to tell me about how it gets better. Do They ever stop fighting? Do the tears ever stop? I wine. I know all girls are different but the woman usually looks me in the eyes, her expression filled with empathy, then responds with a “yes it does. It gets worse before it gets better, but they are all best friends now.” I maybe then go in for an awkward hug and try not to shed a few tears.

No, It is not always this way but it is enough of the time to justify our theme. Now all I need is a Pillow Cross stitched with our saying for our couch and I will be set!


What is your realistic theme for the year?




Build Your Blog Conference 2015

The funny thing about blogging is that things can be super calm and all of the sudden you have a bunch of events super close together. Two recent weekends in a row have been crazy, but such a great learning experience. After RootsTech came Build Your Blog Conference. This was my first year attending and I really enjoyed it.

photo 1 (2)

I was grateful to be sponsored by Taste of Home, which made it possible for me to attend, them and of course my extremely patient husband who did not mind me being gone for another weekend. He was truly a saint carting the kids around to their Saturday activities and handling everything with ease

Lately I have been feeling confused on exactly the direction I want my blog to go. I can hardly believe it has been five years since I started writing here. Going to a such a wonderfully put together blog conference such as this one was can you really help you focus and remind you why you started blogging in the first place.

Here are a few things I enjoyed about the conference.


*Friends! Utah has such an amazing blogging community and I always love running into friends and meeting new ones. Tara from keep moving forward with me and I did a great job of unintentionally matching and Diana and I clicked immediately.

taste of home

*The Taste of Home cooking trends class. I know I am not a food blogger but I still greatly enjoyed listening to James Schend, food editor of Taste Of Home Magazine talked about what the food trends are at the moment. Apparently fried chicken is gaining steam (or I should say oil) while the bacon trend may be on it’s way out. I really enjoyed learning about the fun ways Taste of Home incorporates human interest stories combined with food in their magazine. Cooking is definitely another passion of mine and I always love listening to experts in the field talking about what they love.

*The Keynote Speakers. There is something special about listening to people tell their stories in such an inspiring way that it makes you immediately want to live your life better. from Chris Jones from Mitchell’s journey and Mycore to David Mead talking about the Start With Why movement, and  also hearing from Jesse Robinson about The Tyler Robinson Foundation that Imagine Dragons is involved with. It helps families affected by pediatric cancer.  On March 4th They want to raise 1 million voices of hope for pediatric cancer families. find out more info here.

I can not wait to apply everything I learned at Build your blog conference to my blog. Blogging is a force to be reckoned with and I am so grateful for my little space here!







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My Two Year Old’s Latest Obsession


My two year old is pretty much a dream. Once my older kids have left for school every morning my youngest Screamette occupies herself wonderfully for a little bit while I clean up the epic morning mess, blog, or waste time on facebook.

Her favorite thing to do is hand me my iphone and ask me in her cute voice to type in My Little Pony on YouTube. I first thought this would lead to her watching clips of the cartoon umm no, her favorite video’s are people holding the little figures while acting out scenes. They do different voices and everything. You see the hands of the people moving around the little figures, and these people have made like professional backdrops and there is a plot. Yes, this really exists and it is strangely fascinating. Many questions go through my mind as I watch her stare at these weirdly long videos.

*Why do these people do this?

*Do they think people are really going to watch? (Yes they do! Some video’s have over 150,000 views!!!)

*Why have I completely become way to mesmerized watching these videos over my daughters shoulder in disbelief way too many times.

* Should I make one of these??

I can not talk about this odd trend without putting her favorite one below for your viewing pleasure. You’re  welcome.


**I have to mention I always am super close to her while she does this. I know how quickly YouTube can switch to something I would never want my little ones to see. (Thinking about the time a 50 shades of grey trailer started playing!)


My RootsTech 2015 Experience

I recently attended RootsTech, as a blogger and received a free getting started pass. All opinions are my own.

RootsTech is the largest family history conference. It takes place at The Salt Palace in Salt Lake City every year. I had never been and did not know what to except, least of all is that I would come away with a humongous desire to do my family history, and that we are all connected. A wonderful thought that immediately can improve the way we treat others.

I will start by saying that Donny Osmond was one of the main reasons I was excited to attend, and while he did not disappoint I found so many other gems that I took away from this astounding conference here are a few of my highlights.

*Sitting ten rows back while listening to Jenna Hager Bush interview her mother former first lady Laura Bush, These two classy ladies radiated love for each other while talking about the importance of their family. There down to earthness took center stage and I could have listened to them all day!

*The Family History Discovery Center at the Joseph Smith Memorial building. This astounding technological story land has the most amazing way of making your personal family history come alive, in an interactive visually astounding way. Armed with an ipad in hand you log into your family search account, take a selfie and then visit seven stations that supply you with tons of knowledge about everything that makes you you. This place is a must visit for you to bring your family too. It is now open for reservations. If you live anywhere near Salt Lake or our planning a visit, this is a must see. I am giddy with anticipation to bring my family here so they can feel the excitement that I did for family history.


*My Second day began With Donny, but before he spoke came an amazing keynote from someone I was not familiar with, A.J Jacobs. This Guy got everyone psyched with his, we are all cousins mantra. I loved his passion for family trees and how he finds out how he is related to everyone. His friendly quirkiness was contagious. I can’t wait to get my hands on his best selling books about his fascinating social experiments he has immersed himself into. His latest gathering, The Global family reunion will be held in New York this summer.

photo (7)

*Donny Osmond was next and he is just such a neat person. I am truly a fan and loved that he sang a few songs and talked all about his family. I may have pulled a muscle in my face from smiling so much! DonnyOsmond2


I could not be done talking about RootsTech without mentioning all the wonderful people I met. Their passion for Family History really resonated with me. The classes I attended were top notch. I also had a few fun photo opps with Donny Osmond, David Archuletta and Olympian Noelle Picus Pace who is just so sweet. I really cannot recommend this conference enough. It is something I am going to make an effort to attend every year!



How I survived Being Wifi-less.

For the last few days our Wifi has not been working and it has been quite the ordeal. I don’t know what has been worse. The internet not being available, or realizing how much I am affected by this.  It is quite depressing if I think about it that way.

It is not just me who was suffering. Try explaining to a two yr old what a commercial is when all she has ever known of is a magical thing called Netflix that always has the show she wants when she wants it. Yes, I understand you do not want to see a show about car insurance. Trust me that it will only last 30 seconds!!! It is not a show!

Do you know what the most pathetic part of this is? I still could use the internet on my iphone, but that was not good enough. What is this world coming too?

I was constantly texting my husband to let him know that it still was not working. Like somehow that would fix it. I did get a funny dose of truth though when I accidentally texted my brother about it and he responded by saying

“1st world problem sister”

Yes, yes it was. I was bent out of shape because the only way I could check my facebook  was on a small screen versus  a larger screen. I was so distraught that I may have started belting out a certain song Mariah Carey style “I can’t live, if livings without wifi!”

You want to know something though? I really did get so much more accomplished during the day being wifi-less. Like actual laundry was done, and the huge sink of dishes piling up got washed and put away.

This has taught me to turn over a new leaf!! To discipline myself. To not feel the need to be online all the livelong day. to actually be more present!!!!

In much more important news though. The selfie stick I ordered just came in the mail!!!! Here is our first picture using it. Isn’t it awesome?? I must tell everyone!!

photo (6)


I think I may need an intervention.

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