Back to School Freedom

Back To School Freedom

I am sitting here at my computer while my littlest child naps and my other three children have now started school for a good chunk of the day. This means I have actual alone time! Let me just mention that again so we can all breathe it in, ACTUAL ALONE TIME! Time that I get to decide what it is I will do, or not do.  It may not be much, but for about two hours a day Monday – Friday for the next unforeseeable future (or until my two yr old decides to quit taking naps) I can do whatever I want! My options may not be too exciting or large in number, but they are mine for the choosing.

In a way it has been like preparing for a marathon getting to this point, The school shopping that includes hours of time spent in dressing rooms outfitting the three of them  into fashionista’s on a super small budget. Shoes for all three when I swear their feet are growing at least two sizes a month, Fresh Haircuts to trim off the split ends to make it easier to attempt complex hairstyles I find on You Tube.

I did it and I am ready for the Marathon part, although instead of 26.2 long exhausting miles of running and sweating my guts out, My marathon is two hours of free time every school day! As you can tell I am pretty great at metaphors.

So what will I do with my new found two hours of freedom? I have had visions of cleaning my house top to bottom, prepping wonderful dinners, baking galore. Planning Pinterest worthy activities I can do with my kid’s after school. Finally getting caught up for once on laundry would be nice. I would also love to fill this time with writing, maybe a book, or many essays about everything. Reading would be wonderful, there are so many amazing books I have not yet read.

Who am I kidding myself.

I will probably end up spending my  time on Facebook, watching everyone’s clips of themselves being poured over the head with buckets of ice cold wondering why I have not yet been nominated, or Scouring my favorite entertainment websites to find out which celeb is now pregnant, maybe I’ll scan through my instagram feed and look at everyone’s amazing gourmet lunches while I think about the half a bowl of mac and cheese I ended up eating after my child was all done with it.

At least I have high hopes for my new found two hours of freedom, there will always be that.



*After thought: No nominating me for the ALS ice bucket challenge now. It would be out of pity, pity nominations are not as much fun.



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The Worst Selfie Ever!

I don’t know why I took it. Everyone else seems to document their every move so why not me? I was pretty miserable at the time. Most people are when they visit where I was. I have never been good at taking my own picture. I always end up with thirty chins or worse. Why does every body else take glamorous flattering selfies with ease and expertise? Kim Kardashian is even publishing a book of strictly selfies for heavens sake, so I really have no idea what possessed me to take a selfie…….. AT THE DENTIST…




My Little Mermaid


My oldest is turning eleven this week, it is baffling to me that the tiny baby that was five weeks premature with a cry that sounded like a loud baby bird and skinny long giraffe like legs is now five foot five, and going into her last year of elementary school this upcoming school year! She is a amazing, with a heart of gold and someone who does not like to be in the spotlight which has been hard with her height, especially when everyone thinks she is fourteen.

What I love about her is she knows what she likes and does not feel pressured to give up the things that make her happy that may be percieved for younger girls. I think there is no reason to give that stuff up so soon, I am glad she is this way. I know this last stage before tweendom is fleeting but I am thankful for it all the same.

A year ago she began wanting something so badly that she could hardly stand it, think red rider bebe gun and you will know what I mean, She discovered a mermaid tail on the internet that surpassed her hopes and dreams by a million times. This was not just a swim suit bottom that went on your legs, this particular mermaid tail had a mono fin that helped you swim exactly like a mermaid. When she first showed me this mermaid tail I remember gasping at the price and in my head thinking that there was no way she would still want this in a year and that she would be on to the next big thing. I was so wrong. She wanted the tail more than anything even a year later. Buying her the mermaid tail was out of our price range for a birthday so we decided to give her a challenge. If she could earn half of the cost we would help her with the rest for her birthday.

She saved and worked hard and I was not really keeping track of the money she had saved when about a month ago she came to me with her portion. She was so proud of herself and still wanted that stinkin mermaid tail. We ordered it for her early so she would have more of the summer to channel her inner mermaid, telling her she would just get a few small things for her actual birthday, she did not mind. Her Grandma ended up buying her the matching swimsuit so she would have the whole look down.

She could hardly stand the wait. She probably checked the mailing status online three hundred times and even told me that she googled “how to be patient” to help her with the wait. The day it was supposed to come the mailman appeared to drive off and she was heartbroken. In the midst of her sadness we saw a a different mailman come up to our door with a giant box, it was hilarious because we knew this particular mailman, he was our neighbor in the last place we lived. He probably did not realize he was delivering the most anticipated package in history.

She tore open the box and immediately tried it on. She looked so great and really the smile on her face said it all. It was fun watching a dream come true for her. even a small one such as this. She swims amazing in it, spinning and doing flips in the most mermaidish way possible. Part of me wants to freeze time now more than ever.

I know other dreams will come her way but the one I will always remember is the year of the mermaid.


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My Own Downtown

This summer I am honestly loving all the extra time I have with my husband. Usually by the end of the summer we get on each others nerves in a major way. Thank goodness that has not happened yet. With all the extra time we have had, we decided to take on a fun project. We made a video for the Downtown SLC  contest. We had a blast making this and figuring out different ways to film us on our scooter all around Downtown.

Part of the total score to decide the winner is how many views, thumbs up, and comments on YouTube each video receives. if you have a minute go to our video to like and comment, or watch below. The prize is 5000 buckeroos! We will find out in a few days. Wether we win or lose we genuinely love downtown so much and loved sharing how we explore our city!

UPDATE: We did not win the contest, but that did not matter because the support from everyone was so awesome! Thanks for all the views and everything!


My Strangest Quirk

So because today is admit your strangest quirk day I thought I would go ahead and…….. Wait, you mean it is not admit your strangest quirk day? Well I might as well divulge anyways.


When I get really mad at my kids, when they keep asking me the same questions over and over and over again and when they don’t let me finish one task from beginning to end all the live long day some times my response is in song. Yes you read that correctly, not a happy song like I want my life to be a cute musical but a loud dramatic think operatic song  without the falsetto . I don’t know why I do this. Perhaps I feel it is more tame than yelling, maybe I just want to drive my kids crazy, but it happens. Not all the time mind you. just on days where my nerves are on edge and nothing more sane comes to mind.

While singing phrases like “No you can’t have another fruit snack!” I totally question my sanity but honestly it happens like a reflex. I can’t help myself. Maybe I just want to make sure I am heard and boy does it work. My kids usually look at me super strange and probably think , There she goes again. The future therapist they will need to go to because I am their mother probably  won’t believe them when they tell them they had a mom who sings responses to them when she was upset.

It does get my aggression out so it can’t be all that bad. I also think it  is much better than screaming my guts out. You should totally try it. I may even market it as a self help book titles “How to Yell at Your Kids Through Song”…… Yeah maybe not.

What is one of your strangest quirks? I am dying to know!