Attempting To Run


A few weeks ago I started jogging, more like walking with a tiny bit more spring in my step but trying none the less, It is kicking my trash, it is hard and I am not loving it too much. I think my walk is faster than my run and I am averaging something like a 30 minute mile (mild exaggeration) but you know what? There is something gratifying about pushing yourself to do something that is hard. I get in a bad habit comfort zone way too often before I realize HEY there is no room for growth when I am just doing whats easy! Sitting on my derrière watching ten episodes of Mad Men a day is not going to give me results. But it does make me want every outfit those ladies wear on that show and red hair!

It helps that the littles come along. I have a two kid jogging/biking stroller that they cram into and man, are they cute. They are my cheerleaders. They get me to go in the first place by begging to go in that thing with snacks. If I start to sing one of the songs on my headphones they sing along. I mention I need water and an adorable hand with a water bottle appears out of the stroller. It does not turn well so I have to pop a wheely every time I need to make a turn. They go crazy with giggles and screams when that happens.

I also  live in a  neighborhood where people sit on their porches on nice weather days and they root me on. Fist pumps in the air, a man probably in his eighties even pretended to catch up with me one time. Hilarious. I could not stop grinning. How can I not run with those kind of shenanigans happening, oh and there was that one day we saw a squirrel cross the road. I just happen to love squirrels and no, I don’t know why.

I can guarantee that I will never be a bonefide runner who loves to run so much that they buy shirts that have clever sayings about how much they love to run, however it is beginning to be a habit. a good one at that. Now if only I would stop going home and snacking on chocolate and cookie dough immediately after.


Our Epic Spring Break

Our spring break this week was about as epic as watching paint dry. I mean that in the best way I promise. Some times that is exactly what is needed. It meant sleeping in every day and staying in our pajamas until the afternoon most days. The weather was gloomy, but that did not stop our fun, lazy week at home.

If you asked my kids what they loved about spring break they would definitely mention the craft they were obsessed with most of the time. Perler beads. Its tiny plastic beads in all colors that you place on a small plastic peg board. You can make anything you want and the possibilities are endless! Just google Perler beads and your minds will for sure be blown. After you have carefully placed approximately 500 or more tiny beads on a board you try not to ruin your creation while you put wax paper on top and iron them until they are all melted together to form a piece of plastic that resembles something you could win at an arcade for a million tickets. So completely worthless but fun none the less!

Perler BeadsI had an inkling my husband would equally enjoy this activity and that is the understatement of the year. He pearler beaded his brains out making nerdy pop culture replicas such as Mario, Link, and toad to name a few. I also had fun with it but am not near patient enough for the detailed works of art he did. I also had a tough time narrowing down what to make!


My girls made so many fun cute things. I loved watching them make varied masterpieces using patterns and also there own imaginations. My youngest had the best time spilling the beads everywhere I am sure for years to come we will still be finding the beads all over the house.

I realized this week that sometimes you just need to stop doing anything important and spend time on something fun and mindless.

My husband also downloaded old school Dr Mario on our Wii. Talk about time waste of the century. I am a huge fan of that tetris like game! Thats where you could find us late at night, Dr Mario tournaments where he was the champion most of the time. I sure love that guy I married. He works so hard for us and it was a delight to see him relaxing and doing things he enjoys.

What spring break would be complete without someone getting sick. The littles both came down with a 24 hour stomach bug. It did not not get to in the way with our week of laziness though.

So now it’s back the the daily grind of getting my kids ready for school in the morning and grocery shopping and acting like a grown up again.

While we may not have traveled afar or accomplished many things during spring break  we do have our Perler bead creations displayed prominently  above our fireplace so there is always that.

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I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post about Macy’s. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

 For having four daughters you would think I would be a girly girly for sure but alas I am not. I never paint my nails and am not even a huge fan of makeup. My girls are the opposite, so when I heard about  the Macy’s Secret Garden Event and that there would be a fashion Show.  I thought it would be a perfect girls day out with my two oldest daughters.

The Secret garden

Even though I am not super girly I do love to shop! I love going downtown to the City Creek center and their Macy’s is huge and has so many great brands and styles. They were having a The Secret Garden Event the whole weekend. As we got into Macy’s we caught the end of a beautiful spring flower wreath demonstration. Even though it snowed the next day I am so ready for spring and going to this event helped with that longing.


As we sat down for the Secret Garden Fashion Show there were people handing out super fancy orderves. Oh my goodness they were good. My daughters and I favorites were the cheesecake pops and the mini sandwiches with Brie. We felt pretty spoiled.


Before the models came out my oldest had to pose on the runway. She is getting way too grownup and tall and I don’t think I will let her out of the house anymore.


The fashion show was hosted and put together by Alicia Richmond of Chic On A Shoe String. She did a fabulous job of showing off Macy’s cute spring fashions. Beautiful bright colors were featured prominently. I am loving the orange that is really popular this season. The handbags she paired with the outfits were also adorable! here are a few of my favorite looks.

Macys Secret garden

Loved the boyfriend jeans on this model. I am huge fan of casual clothes

I also loved the dresses! I am so in need of some cute spring dresses. I loved getting ideas.

Macys Secret garden Fashion Show


I am a huge T-Shirt fan. I would wear one every day of the week if I could pull it off and I loved Alicia’s advice that a T-shirt should always do something for your shape wether it have a scooped neck or something else that makes it fit right. I also loved that she mentions that matchy matchy is no longer as big of a deal.  You can match gold and silver and colors and patterns and have it look really great.

My daughters loved the fashion show so much and immediately after they were ready to get their shop on.


We went to their size and I found so many really cute clothes for them on mega clearance. I Love Macy’s clearance! We scored a cute pair of jeans and two tops for my girls each item no more than $7 dollars. I was also super happy to see some adorable longer shorts for my girls! I have a tough time finding not so short shorts for my growing girls. They had the best time shopping and trying on clothes. Macy’s has such a great variety.



I had so much fun spending the day with my daughters at Macy’s. Maybe being extra girly every once in awhile isn’t so bad after all.




Fun Utah date/Family Night Alert

So I was given two tickets to see Blue Man Group, but I was not required to post I just wanted to share because my husband and I had such a fun night!

BlueManGroupWe had not had a date night in forever I am sure you all know that feeling. I had wanted to see Blue Man Group for a while and it was seriously awesome! Our girls would have loved it as well. It was hilarious and so cool. It was visually spectacular and we loved the music. I have always loved the Arts and this was just plain fun! My husband equally enjoyed it. If you have family or friends that don’t particularly love the Theatre (said in a snobby snooty way) This would be a great introduction! There was also tons of kids at the show as well and it is super family friendly. Looking for a special Date or family night? Here are the Details.

Blue Man Group will be playing through April 6th at the Kingsbury Hall.  More info Here Obligatory selfie below

photo 2-5


To My Almost 5 Yr Old

Squeal Selfies

In three days you are turning five! I have so much to say about you and your almost five years of being my daughter. You are one of the most spirited stubborn people I have ever known. So stubborn in fact that this week I noticed you changed your own laugh! I did not even think that was possible. It went from a giggle too a nerdy sounding more dragged out laugh that makes me laugh. I think that may have been your point.

You love to figure out most things completely on your own. I love this about you. It is the opposite of me. When I was pregnant with you we were living in Texas far away from any family. It was very emotionally  hard. I learned so much about figuring things out for myself at that time. I think some of my new independence must have rubbed off on you. It’s a great quality and I hope you always have it.

You are very meticulous. Things need to be just right. You have always been this way, lining things up and categorizing things from a super young age. Your bedtime stuffed animals have a special spot where they have to be every single night. If I move your cuddles the monkey one inch you for sure notice.

I love the way you treat your baby sister (most of the time). Your tender and sweet and teach her lots of important things including, but not limited too the right way to pose for photos and how to say goodbye to your sisters as they leave for school each morning.

Your singing voice makes my heart so happy. That is the reason I can’t help but sing along. I know that drives you crazy but I don’t think it can be stopped. Your sweet singing is just too contagious.

I hope you always want me to kiss you on your forehead at bedtime. I love the sweet kisses you give me that you refer to as smudges. I will miss them so badly when you have decided your too old for smudges.

You teach me so much patience especially when you get particularly frustrated by things like your tights not fitting right on your legs or the seems of your socks bugging your toes.

The word gigantic will always sound better to me pronounced as Gijantic, as you say it. emphasis on the J sounds. I love it so much and will get mad at anyone who tries to correct you. I have noticed you growing up the past few weeks in the way you speak. Please please quit it!

Can you do me one favor? You know when I am in the other room and something is our of your reach and you holler out very dramatically “Mommy I need You!” When your older can you promise to still need me, if only a  little bit? I know you won’t for most of your days and thats good, but the occasional shout out will help me so greatly and remind me of the days when you needed my help.

I know I am so lucky to be your mom. I will never forget that. I love you so much. My birthday wish for you would be for you to always be you! Hilarious, unpredictable, stubborn you!


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